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Making the switch: How MNP works

We guide you on porting your number from your existing service provider to another one.

Every person has a mobile phone in their hands, but not every person has a postpaid connection that they are 100% happy with. You may be dissatisfied with the network coverage, or with frequent call drops, or with shoddy customer care, or even with high priced plans. The obvious answer to this state of affairs is to opt for Mobile Number Portability (MNP) to another service provider.

How to port your number: MNP basics

Porting your number from your current provider to a new one takes a few steps, but it is by no means a complicated process. We take you through the important steps below:

·         You can initiate the porting request directly with the new provider, or via TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). It is better to do the MNP via TRAI so that the entire process is recorded in a central registry right away.

·         Send a text SMS PORT <Your 10-digit mobile number> to 1900. 1900 is the TRAI nodal number for processing porting requests throughout India. The number registers your requests and sends the intimation to your current service provider. Meanwhile, you are sent an SMS with a unique porting code – keep this text carefully because it will be requested by the new service provider.

·         Your current service provider then gets in touch with you to ask about the reasons for porting. At this point, you may be offered a new plan at a lower monthly tariff, more data and added features to retain you as a customer. You can choose to take the plan and continue with the same service provider, or refuse the plan and reiterate your request for MNP.

·         Your current service provider may either forward your porting request to the new provider, or you can do it yourself. It is advisable that you have a clear idea about who your new service provider is going to be. For instance, you can do the MNP to Airtel postpaid and inform them about your intention to port. The two service providers then take up the porting request mutually.

·         Fill out an MNP application form and submit it to both your current and new service providers. Your current provider will keep the number live for a week after receiving the application – you can settle the outstanding bill during this time.

·         Within this week, your new service provider will complete your KYC formalities and give you a new postpaid SIM. The SIM card is activated only after the previous connection is terminated. This completes the MNP process from one provider to another.

·         You will receive an SMS from the new provider informing you about the SIM card activation. Insert the SIM card, set it for the new provider’s services as directed, and start using the connection right away.
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