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11 Surprising Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Growing your online is important, especially in an age where social media is more marketable than ever. It has become the main way to generate leads to get clients or to build conversations that lead to clients. Growing an Instagram following can take time, but with these 11 methods, you'll have a large and consistent following in no time.

1. Buying likes/views

By buying these likes for an affordable price, you'll drive traffic up astronomically for your page. These likes, views, and follows can help to leading to making your page more optimized for organic followers. When you become more sought out, you begin to stand out on Instagrams algorithms, making you more noticeable to people's general searches. You can buy Instagram likes/views on https://www.realigfollowers.com/

2. Post content frequently

This is considered one of the best ways to gain more followers. You have a brand don't you? Put yourself out there. Instagram offers a wide variety of ways to create and put out content, whether you choose to go the more traditional route and post pictures or clips on your profile, or use the newer features of Instagram. These features include stories, were you can post quick clips with either text or a snippet of a video. You can also use Instagram Live, where you can stream a live feed of different activities, depending on what it is you're deciding to promote.

You can also use Instagram TV, which allows users to see videos that are as long as 60 minutes on your channel. You can use all of the different parameters to release different forms of content on a regular basis.

3. Use the creative tools to vary your content

Remember the infamous #nofilter? While there's some truth to this, a great filter can put great emphasis on certain points of a photo you post on instagram. Whether you're trying to darken it to show the pic in a different lighting or your brightening it to point out different, more darker details from the natural photo, filters are a great way to add detail and dimension to content that you can release on the 'gram.

4. Follow other people in your industry

If you're an Instagram personality on the rise, you should follow others that have built successful brands in your particular field. Are you an actor? Follow other up and coming or local actors on Instagram. You can learn different ways to market yourself from each other and you're also developing a network that can be a great long term asset.

5. Follow other people outside of your industry

You can learn something from anyone. It doesn't matter what kind of brand you're building, follow people outside of your industry. Follow models, musicians, athletes, etc. They all have their own unique brand, yet similar ways that they market themselves. There will always be different nuances used in different lines of work on Instagram. But the little details are always worth picking up for yourself. It helps shape your own Instagram brand and way of reaching different audiences.

6. Link your instagram to other social media platforms

If you've got a Facebook, post things from your Instagram on there. You never know who you may be friends with on Facebook that might not be following you on Instagram, so go ahead and post away on there. The same applies to other websites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. If you look into the "settings" before you post, there will always be options available for you to post on different platforms.

This doesn't just apply to personal Facebook posts either. If you manage a different page or a group, you can link your insta content there and there people will follow (or request to follow) you if you make the links available.

7. Direct message other users

There's nothing like good old word of mouth to promote yourself, especially on the internet. Direct message people that are either on your followers list or have accounts that don't require a request. You never know what you might get in return. You may get a new fan or a plethora of new followers.

8. Join groups (or pods)

On Instagram, you use your account to join what are called pods. These are basically communities of similar types of Instagrams. You can form pods by going on the website, Telegram, and interact with other users. Think of it as like the "Groups" section on Facebook, where different users come together with the same interests or work in the same industry to share ideas.

9. Update your bio with different pieces of content

Many people will often place lengthy pieces of content in their bio in the form of a link that leads to a different webpage. When promoting content like this, people will post a picture or place something on their instagram story that will preview said content and follow with the caption "Link in the bio" or along those lines.

10. Use different hashtags

Different hashtags will make you more optimizable to the general public. Since hashtags can be followed now, your profile can be associated with the hashtags that are followed, especially if they're the ones that you use. The more frequent you use those hashtags, the more often you'll be found under the hashtag that is being followed by the user. It also makes you more optimizable by instagrams algorithms. The more creative your hashtags are, the more you stand out on your own. This makes it easier to gain views and more followers or likes on your Instagram profile.

11. Interact with other followers by commenting

This method echoes one of the last points with "word of mouth". Much like direct messaging, if you interact with another user directly via comment or like, there's a chance you'll be looked up by said user. If you make your comments unique enough, maybe you'll grab a like from that profile that you commented on. The more likes your comments get, the higher it ranks in the comments section.

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