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Which is the best programming language for making Android apps?

On 23rd September 2008, there was an operating system launched in the world named Android. Now, a decade after its launch, it is still revolutionizing the smartphone and how! With over 80% of world population using Android devices, it has been a breakthrough of its kind.
So if you think you’re late in the race to develop Android apps and that it’s over, it’s not true. The revolution is only beginning, and it’s never too late to dive into the pool of digital languages to learn.

Now the question arises: what are the best languages to learn if you want to start developing android applications? The good thing is that you have options to choose from. Let us have a look at what are your options:

  1. Java
When it comes to android app development, you cannot go wrong with Java. It is, after all, the official language of the system and the leading language of GitHub. Java has been around for over 20 years now and that means there are tons of tutorials and an abundance of knowledge and books on the language to help you get started.

Points to remember - since Java is an old language, it lacks the structure and finesse of the new languages. Therefore, it’s not the best choice to make a shift from a language like Swift or Kotlin. Although, for a newbie, there is no such issue as that.

2.   Kotlin

Kotlin is the language that was designed to run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which means that Kotlin apps are designed to run in any environment that supports the Java runtime environment. Most machines can run on java, which means Kotlin can be used to create cross platform apps easily.

Key Features:

·        Conciseness - It drastically reduces the amount of boilerplate code that you need to write.
·        Safety - It avoids entire classes of errors like null pointer exceptions.
·        Versatility - It Builds server-side applications. Android apps running in the browser.
·        Interoperability - It leverages existing frameworks and libraries of JVM with 100% Java interoperability.

Kotlin gives you the best parts of Java without having any downsides. The syntax and features of Kotlin are modern, clean, fast, and provide for a much more comfortable programming experience.

3.     Python

Python is famously known for its clean syntax and short code lengths. Though Android doesn’t support native Python development, there are various tools available which can help you in converting your codes into APKs which run on all android devices without any hassle.
Key Features:

·        Open source - The language and its source code can be freely used and distributed.
·        Portability - It can be easily moved from one platform to another like Mac OS, Linux, etc. without any changes in the code.

4.    C#
 C# from the point of view of a developer is an incredible language. It’s all the good parts of Java without any drawbacks, with additional improvements done by Microsoft.

The only setback of C# is that it can only run on a Windows platform since it is based on .NET framework. Although, now, .NET is an open source platform. Today it can be used to create native mobile apps with Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio easily.

Apps include messengers, calculators, games, music players, and the possibilities are endless when you want to develop a mobile app. All of them are made possible with the language frameworks of the above languages and all of them are easy to learn with a sophisticated syntax. Apart from these, there is also the Core trifecta (HTML5+CSS+JavaScript), C/C++, Lua which are as great as any of these languages.
You only need to pick your style and go with it. 
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