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How to store clothes for to ensure no damage to your expensive stuff

Whenever we start getting things sorted in our house, most of our time goes in looking at the number of clothes we have in our wardrobe. Some of these clothes don’t fit us anymore, some needs to be worn in next season and some falls under the category about which we had forgotten. But we never stop to buy more of them without realizing that we are falling out of space to keep these new additions.

The best way to make room for new clothes is to discard which we are not going to wear at all and pack those which we do not want to discard but at the same time do not want to wear either may be because we are waiting to get back in shape or waiting for the right season to wear them. But while packing at storing these clothes at storage units near you it is really important to keep few things in mind in order to ensure long life of these clothes. So here are some tips that can help you to keep your clothes in storage units without getting damaged for a longer time:

·        Do not forget to wash and iron: Before you start packing these clothes, make sure to wash each one of them and iron properly. At times we keep clothes as it is thinking that we will wash once we will wear them but by the time we take them out stains and dust becomes tough to remove and we end up discarding such untidy clothes. Wash clothes which are washable, and get the clothes dry cleaned which you can not wash at home. It will help clothes to survive for a long time and you can wear them whenever you want without worrying about stains and dust on them.

·        Seal bags: Keeping clothes in seal bags is the best way to save space while storing. However, keeping your clothes in vacuum seal bags come with lots of anticipations. As storing clothes in vacuum seal bags can damage the fabric as fabric needs circulation of air. If you are storing clothes for particular season then these seal bags are the best option. But if you plan to store for a longer period we recommend to keep checking clothes after regular intervals to ensure that no damage has been done to your clothes.

·        Use plastic containers:Instead of using plastic bags and cardboard, try to use plastic containers with tight lid. Plastic lids are likely to get moisture whereas cardboards are more prone to insects, moths and will not be able to save clothes from rats and mice. Make sure that the container you are using is dry and clean, for double protection you can always use a sheet in a container before you keep clothes.

·        Mothballs: Last but not the least do not forget to keep mothballs or camphor while storing your clothes. These help to keep foul smell and moths away from your clothes. You can also use neem to keep your clothes fresh and insects free.

So are you ready to make some space for new clothes which you recently bought?
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