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Saying thanks to the bright light

It pretty easy to see why people worship the Sun, up it pops every day bringing light tothe world and banishing the night and all that. In some case people have thought that the Sun was a god or the power for it came from a god either way they were just as happy seeing it shine through almost as much as you will be if the sun hits a nice little set of Luxury chandeliers that you’ve got from http://roccoborghese.com/

If the Greeks were sat in your living room, ok, not all of the Greeks that would be too many, let’s say if some of the ancient Greeks were sat in you living room and they saw that Chandelier they would all chip in. Some would say it’s the work of Helios showing himself to us. They would then tell you how this Helios is supposed to be a bit of a looker and uses the sunlight as his crown. Considering his Mum and Dad were the titans of heavenly light and the sight of the clear blue sky he wasn’t going to be short in the looks department anyway.

So, after you’ve ushered them out in come some Egyptians. Ahh, they say, we can see that Amun the god of all creation is busy in your living room today and then they all get down and start praying as Amun is there top God. They might ask if you’ve got a spare statue to Bast, Nu and Menhit as they are some of his favourite ladies. 

Being a polite person, you wait for them to finish and leave when who should come but some ancient Chinese people. They tell you that there are in fact ten suns in the sky,but the Jade Emperor keeps them in check. You tell them that you can’t remember a time when you were so busy and that yourchandeliers have never generated this much interest before.

With much bowing the Chinese gentleman leave only for a troop of Roman worships asking if they can pop in. Luckily you’ve go the kettle on so it ok. The Romans are also very keen on the Sun they call him Sol and even have a very big party for him around about the twenty first of December. What like Jesus you say and they say no the winter equinox actually but as it’sa bit of chore should we decide to go with Jesus and the Christian faith later on then we’ll probably stick with this date for the ease of it.Oh, good you say. Well that well be the edict of Milan when your Emperor Constantine gets feed up with all the arguing between the Christians and the Sun worshippers. Hedecided to go with the Christian faith and goes to Milan to make an edict about it.

So, the Sun thanks for everything keep on shining.
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