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Safeguard your Child from Cyberbullying on Facebook

What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying, as clear from the name, is a form of bullying that happens in the digital world over cell phones, tablets or computers in the form of an SMS, text, comments or through social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It includes sending, posting or sharing negative comments about a person. The most common medium used nowadays for cyberbullying is Facebook and cases regarding the same are on the rise with victims of cyberbullying even resorting to the extreme step of committing suicide.

How is Cyberbullying initiated through Facebook?
  • First of all, the so-called age restriction on Facebook is a mere candy that can be uncovered and chewed. Millions of accounts on Facebook belong to children who are of age 13 and lower. Children of such age are not mentally equipped enough to handle cyberbullying and thus become easy victims. It is reported by about a million children on Facebook that they have face cyberbullying in one form or the other with their parents hardly knowing about it. Even children themselves are reluctant to share the same with their parents.
  • Social media applications make it pretty easy to post hurtful or negative comments, freely, regarding somebody. Usually, the victims of cyberbullying go into isolation are often in stress and depression. Moreover, the reluctance to share the same with their parents further fuels the sense of being isolated and gives rise to suicidal thoughts.
  • People, who bully others through Facebook, majorly do the same by creating fake Facebook profiles and putting up a few random pictures. Close to 90 million profiles on Facebook are actually fake. A fake account can be easily created using a false birth date as well as a false email.
  • Encrypted applications can be used over Facebook to send bullying messages to somebody.
Tips to Protect your Child from Cyberbullying on Facebook
  • First of all, being a parent, you must ensure that if your child is under-age he/she must not be using a Facebook account.
  • When your child is of the age that he/she can have a Facebook account, sit with them and have a session on online safety and cyberbullying. Please encourage your child to share very kind of information with you so that action can be taken against the bully beforehand itself.
  • Still, if you see that your child is behaving strangely and stays isolated most of the time and despite your repeated attempts you are unable to extract any information from him/her you can use Facebook account hacken techniques to retrieve your child’s Facebook chats.
    • The best application that can help you achieve this is mSpy through which you can read your child’s Facebook chats, messages and even newsfeed without your child knowing about it. The best thing about this application is that it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows & even MAC and comes with an easy to use interface.

As a parent, you must ensure that you teach social media etiquettes to your kids and If your child ever has been a victim of cyberbullying then please sit with him/her and have a mutual discussion about the same.  
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