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A  24 hour day sometimes seems like 36 hour long and boring day. While we all spend our lives  following tight schedules, our rare chances to have the air of a leisure day culminates into unproductive hours of languor when we have nothing to do or nowhere to go. Gaming on your smartphone can hence be an ideal way to spend some lavish time without being bored.

While gaming might be considered childish by many, however, some games and application for android might just compel you to be completely engrossed in a heavy gaming session without even a single thought on time. The post below mentions some of the best time-killing games that you can promptly opt for when spared with some leisure time and without prior plans.


One of the most intriguing games, Lumosity, is a brain-teasing program claiming to improve memory, attention and a bunch of other cognitive abilities. Apart from being highly oriented towards an adult mind, Lumosity is one of the most customizable and personally engaging game. It’s intriguing tasks not only help you spend your leisure time in a much more fun-filled fashion but also enables you to improve some of your mental skills.

Brain Cafe 

Get your geography at work with this brain game that reviews your knowledge about earth and science. With amazing graphics and innumerable question available for reviewing, this game offers a brain stimulating approach, as users find it quite novel and interesting to learn about a topic through images of it.


While at first glance, this might seem as the conventional chess games. However, what makes it perplexing is the amount of difficult opponents that this game can simulate. While winning over these aces is a big challenge, and hence, keep you captivated and engaged in this unputdownable affair. Persistence and presence of mind, therefore, is what makes you gain the palm over the ridiculously strong opponents.

Out There 

Imagine that you wake up from cryonics, in a deep and unknown region of outer space, and need to survive from an unexplained foreign entity who is after your life. The game has carefully inculcated the aspect of unpredictability and survival while giving you an insight about how cruel and precarious a foreign land could be with an add-on of a foreign species which is on a hunt.

It brings to you the hassles of surviving on the planet where finding oxygen is the first catch, while a number of snags still await you including using your disposition, intellect and available technology to mend your spaceship and to ultimately uphold the virtue dunkirk spirit to return back to your planet.

This game while sharpening your mind to work calmly in wretched situations, also provides with perseverance to deal with them. Hence, this game is no child’s play as it requires the work of your mental prowess.

Tiny Thief 

Coming from the creators of Angry Bird, the game is about snatching from the rich and giving it to the destitute. It requires you to outsmart the wealthy with your cunning and duplicitous know-hows. But here comes the twist, the game presents you with mind-boggling puzzles while you are battling opponents like pirates, giant robots, dark knights, etc, hence providing you with a chance to enhance your attention and focusing ability. The game is all set to give you a number of surprises with 6 big adventures that ensue as part of the gaming spree.

Google play is bustling with games and apps which one can get their hands on for a light-hearted time off. One can easily download them with minimal charges and sometimes without charges also.

With new features being added to them with every passing year, a lot of brands claim to offer features that ensure an incessant gaming spree along with a visual finesse. However, as number of options have surrounded the users, it is often hard to make the correct choice when considering a smartphone with high-end features.

In such circumstances, brands like Sony, Panasonic India Smartphones with their newest Big View display series,Samsung etc have been the ideal sources of this technological gadget proffering high-end features at pocket-friendly price range.

Although the perception regarding games, have quite evolved since the past decades as they are no longer considered to be only time-killing. With the development of various games that enhance mental competencies, one can productively plant a good game in their downtime. While such productive games have seen a hype, smartphone industry has also seen an upsurge.