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Five Ways to Encourage Creativity In The Workplace via Intranet Systems

With an efficient intranet solution, a company can have uninterrupted internal communications. It is also proven to boost company productivity as it connects employees and improves team work.
Running a business is a huge challenge. With cash flow being one of the major problems small businesses and start-ups face, do you really want to make communication within the company your next big problem?
Although cash flow problems can effectively be managed through cash flow finance. There are several alternative finance firms that offer this funding solution to small businesses and start-ups at a very low rate.
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But how to you plan to fix the communication within your business?
As much as external communication holds importance in a business, so does internal communication. Allowing your employees the ease to communicate within the corporation is very necessary. Thus, we have ‘intranet systems’.
With intranet being the hub of all the workplaces, it allows easy and quick access to company tools and information without having to deal with complex processes. With an internal intranet system, a business can improve its operations as the company tend to perform best when their employees are well informed and united.
If you research well, you will realise that there are multiple benefits of using an intranet system in the workplace. Some of which include:
·       Improved employee engagements
·       Making sure that everyone is updated regarding business
·       Gives employees a fair chance to have their opinions heard
It is also interesting to know that these factors also support creativity (which is a much lesser discussed benefit). In fact, most companies do not value creativity as an important asset.
Although creativity is a subjective matter, it can overall be defined as a unique solution or a viewpoint that answers a definite goal or an issue, and simplifies a complex solution. Any enterprise environment never really inspires creativity as they have strict complex policies and processes which minimises the opportunity to take risks.
But if you want be an exception and an innovator, the first step is to allow space for exploration and discussion. Having a business wide intranet will allow you and your employees to learn and let the creativity flow.
Here are five ways it can help:
1: Inspire idea generation
With intranet applications, everyone is the company feels involved and knows that they can contribute their ideas and opinions equally, which can aid creative problem solving.
This process is knows as gaining insights from outsiders, people who work in different departments, to help you with generating new ideas. In fact, creative solutions may come from anywhere and anyone. With this collaborative approach we believe it will improve your employee engagement.
2: Easy access to Information
Having data readily available for your employees to access at their convenience will not only improve employee productivity, but will also influence creativity. It enables employees to learn about how other teams in the company are handling challenges and have applied effective solutions. This promotes self development and also creative problem solving.
3: Encourage non-professional interaction
You will have employees who might possess non-professional hobbies or interests. You can use their talents to boost collaborations and team spirit at workplaces. Having interpersonal relationships at workplace will boost their morale and will eventually affect creative flow.
By making use of the intranet system as a social platform for non-work related news, games and memes will allow your employees to participate in group projects.
4: Allow expression
Often employees may hesitate to openly tell their opinions and ideas, especially in a larger enterprise. Which possibly means good ideas and concepts go unheard. With intranet systems, employees get a platform to express themselves and where their opinions and ideas are encouraged and rewarded. This eventually gives people the confidence to contribute.
5: Customisable designs
One great thing about modern intranet systems is that they are entirely adaptable. In other words, it allows you to make the application appear exciting and creative by adding unique widgets and more.
Small businesses and start-ups can use intranet systems to help build their brand identity while the growing and already established businesses can use it reinforce theirs.
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