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Facts One Needs to Know Before Buying VPS Server Hosting Plans

What makes VPS server hosting plans popular amongst businesses is the fact that a virtual private server can mimic a dedicated server while sharing server space with many other servers. In VPS server hosting, there is a physical server that gets compartmentalized to create many virtual servers. Each such virtual server gets to run its OS and can function independent of the others. So, VPS hosting basically works like a middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting plans. It is the perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses which lack the expertise or money to afford dedicated hosting.

When you are looking for the right kind of hosting solutions, you will need to review the advantages and drawbacks of each type and decide on one which suits your business needs and budget. Installing and managing servers is a challenging task no doubt; so, it is important to get hold of a VPS hosting provider in India which can offer you quality plans and services.

How VPS server hosting differs from shared hosting and dedicated hosting:

When you choose shared hosting, you are expected to share resources of the server with many other sites hosted on the same server. Since resources are shared, costs of such plans are low. So, for startups and personal websites, shared plans are a great choice. However, when your needs start to grow and you require more resources, you will find that your shared hosting plans are not enough. You will then need to upgrade to VPS server hosting whereby you can scale up resources as and when needed.

When you have signed up for dedicated hosting, you can get an entire server for yourself at a high price. Dedicated hosting plans are best suited for high-traffic dynamic websites which need high bandwidth and scalability. A VPS server on the other hand can offer you scalability and customizability as users are given root access. This allows you to set up custom software and scripts, install your preferred version of an operating system and even scale up resources as required. So, for much lower prices, you can get almost all advantages of dedicated hosting.

Key benefits of choosing VPS server hosting:

For businesses which are scared to take the plunge into dedicated hosting, VPS plans are the perfect way to get their feet wet. They can sign up for VPS hosting to enjoy optimal resource allocations and to get the flexibility to upgrade their resources when required.
  1. VPS hosting is much low in price compared to dedicated hosting but it offers almost the same advantages and features. This makes VPS hosting a great option for SMBs.
  2. With VPS server hosting, users have the right to configure the server settings and reboot the server if needed. They can install their own operating system, Windows or Linux, depending on the kind of applications they intend to run. Since you are not expected to share the OS with co-users, you can get far more privacy and server control.
  3. Users can also scale up their resources and acquire more bandwidth or CPU or RAM when necessary. This escalation is typically much faster than you can hope to achieve through dedicated hosting plans.
  4. When you sign up for VPS server hosting, you can also request for managed hosting solutions where the host will take care of server management and security in return for higher charges. When you have a capable IT staff, you can sign up for unmanaged hosting plans which also offer you complete root access, scalable RAM and processing power, and greater speed and control.
How to select VPS hosting India plans:
  • Before you sign up for VPS plans, you need to decide which operating system to use. Linux VPS hosting may be cheaper as Linux is an open source platform, but Windows servers are the best choice when you run applications using .Net technologies.
  • Before choosing VPS, you should also decide whether to opt for managed or unmanaged hosting plans. Unmanaged plans are perfect when you have a proficient team to back you up. In such a situation, the responsibility of server management and troubleshooting of server problems will rest with you. When you spend more to get managed plans, you can depend on your provider to take care of the servers.
  • To choose good VPS server hosting, it is also important to check the level of technical support the host can offer you. Your provider should ideally be able to extend 24x7 supports in the form of emails, chats and phone calls. The provider should also be able to offer you complete redundancy and scalability when needed, especially in times of outages. If there is a crisis, the provider should have standby power generators to ensure services do not get affected.
  • Finally, to get quality VPS plans, it is important to sign up with a provider which deploys stringent security measures for data protection against hackers and cyber criminals.
Signing up for free trials with reputed providers is a good way to choose VPS plans.

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