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Top 5 Real Estate Areas for Property Investment In Delhi NCR

With rapid urbanization the traditional places for buying properties for investment purposes are shrinking fast. However, as opportunities of getting a good property in the traditional places of the cities are shrinking due to saturation of buyers, new places are opening up for people. If you are looking for a superb place to invest your capital through investment in commercial office space in New Delhi, then you can follow this article for we are going to give you some hot tips on properties which in the coming years will increase your capital to unimaginable levels.

Delhi being the capital of India and falling in the junction of four rapidly growing sates (Rajasthan, UP, Haryana and Punjab) offers you great opportunities for investment in the real sector. Additionally, with the expansion of metro railways and new highways and expressways many outlying areas of Delhi are now closer to the business districts of Delhi. While some places like Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura are very popular among the investors if you are a bit adventurous, then we suggest that you look for some new and upcoming business districts.

To help you make up your mind about different places and where you will get amazing returns in the long run here we have produced a list of five places. These are very lucrative in terms of buying commercial properties in New Delhi.

1). New Gurgaon: In recent times, New Gurgaon thanks to expanding quality infrastructure projects have become a darling of the investors. Experts who deal in real estate regularly vouch for future growth in this area. If you travel beyond the second toll plaza on NH-4, then you will witness that the areas on either sides of the highway are booming with construction activity. This area besides being in the close proximity to the busy NH -4 is also connected through several internal sector roads. The good connectivity option provided by the location of this place has made it very popular among house owners and investors alike. At present there are more than 51,000 residential units dotting the place and several new swanky properties are being built on both sides of the highway.

Investors are flocking to this region as it is connecting several business districts that make future growth a big reality in this region. Additionally, the planned projects that will improve the connectivity of this region including the DMIC, KMP expressway along with superior connectivity through the Dwarka expressway.

2). Greater Noida: This place has one of the most well developed connectivity options. A well paved 8 lane expressway allows you to travel to Noida and Delhi in double quick time. Additionally, the new Noida-greater Noida road when finished will provide the residents of Greater Noida an alternate route to travel to places like Ghaziabad. Furthermore, the government has several other plans to develop this area to a world class city with the metro extension, proposed International airways, several internal roads and flyovers and many more.

Greater Noida is the new hip and happening place with the Formula FI race track and several malls located there to give it an upmarket look. If you want to invest here, you should hurry up as several property values are still at the lower side of the scale. This will give you the opportunity to get a higher ROI on your capital that you invest in properties here. Greater Noida is a very big area, therefore, when you plan to buy a property here for investment purpose, then make sure that the location of that place is good and is near a highway or the proposed metro line.

3). Noida – Greater Noida expressway: The smoothly laid out Noida -Greater Noida expressway has overnight catapulted around 20 unknown sectors of the city into popular destination for real estate investment. If you are looking for commercial properties in New Delhi, then you can still find many affordable properties on both sides of the expressway. You can buy the property and later sell it for a high price or you could offer it for rent/lease to companies. Thanks to the superb connectivity provided by the expressway, many companies are setting their shop here which is fueling the rent of office space in this area, thus giving you a chance to get regular income from your property.

4). Greater Noida West: The plan to extend the Metro rail to Greater Noida West has improved the property value of this area significantly. Besides the metro extension, this are is well connected through wide roads and has several business centers coming up that will make this place great for investment opportunities. You can buy property here and offer them for rent to many IT companies that are opening their offices here or even rent it out for residential purposes. The government is planning several infrastructural projects here which will further improve the property market rates of this area. Therefore, if you have the capital, then make a wise choice and invest in a property that has great location. This will give you a great ROI on your capital invested.

5). Dwarka Expressway: This place has grown tremendously over the years and is now considered to be one of the most happening places in the Delhi NCR. As this place is close to the IGI Airport and Delhi it has a greater chance of giving you a greater return on your property prices as these place is bound to develop very fast.

The location of this place is such that the master plan shows that there is a new 100 m wide road that will connect this place to the extended Metro line that will pass through this area. Besides a new 18Km is planned through this area that will run parallel to the NH8. All these infrastructure projects are making this place a hot spot for many companies to set up their offices here. Therefore, if you are looking for a safe real estate investment for a good price, then you can give this place a careful look.

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