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Men’s Wedding Bands – a Step By Step Buying Guide for the Novice

Since men are not accustomed to wearing a lot of jewelry, shopping for a wedding band presents many problems and can be very confusing. Because wedding bands are once-in-lifetime purchase and also a wonderful opportunity for showing off your personality and individual style. However, before stepping into a jewelry store, it can be a very good idea to know the basics of selecting wedding rings so that you can make a better decision.

The Preferred Metal and Color
Wedding bands, nowadays, are manufactured from a large assortment of metals. If you have an affinity for gold, you can select from the traditional yellow gold, the increasingly-popular white gold or even the very beautiful rose gold. Platinum remains a popular choice due to its toughness and durability besides its exclusive silvery sophisticated looks. Stainless steel and industrial metals like tungsten are also becoming popular with people who prefer a minimalist look. The choice of the metal is perhaps the most important factor in buying a ring because not only does it dictate how your ring will look like but also how it will perform over time.

The Width
Almost everyone has a distinct preference for how wide their wedding bands need to be. Some prefer a really wide one to underline their presence while others may choose slim models that show off their refined and sensitive personality. The best way to know which width really suits you is to ask your jeweler and he will be happy to let you try on rings of several widths of the same metal that you have decided on so that you know exactly how the ring will look on you and whether it goes with your personal style. Rings that are too wide can look and feel very heavy while ones that are too thin may look underwhelming. Visit https://www.mensweddingbands.com to know how rings of different widths can look on your finger.

Additional Designs
Even though the plain ring is perhaps the most popular, you can add a distinctive look by incorporating any design that you prefer to underline your presence. Typically, you can choose from stripes, inlay of a non-metal material like carbon fiber or stone for an exclusive two-tone appearance. You can also choose one of the many patterns available at the jeweler’s or you can have something customized just for you.

Precious Stones
While women universally prefer diamonds or some other gemstone on their rings, men traditionally keep away from them. This is a good opportunity to make a mark; you can choose a gemstone for your ring to add another dimension to the ring’s looks.

The Finish 
While the color of the ring is determined by the metal you choose, how the metal will actually look depends on the finish. You can opt for the conventional polished look or use a texture to make it more striking.

For the uninitiated, choosing a wedding band may seem very complex; however, by going about the process logically, you can eliminate the confusion, and select something that goes well with your personality.

Author Bio: Andrew Thompson is the editor of a fashion and lifestyle magazine. He reviews online jewelry sellers and recommends https://www.mensweddingbands.com for their top quality products and services.
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