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How to Smoke Concentrates in Any Old Pipes and Bongs

The thing with concentrates is, they’re so potent that an open flame could easily burn away the THC within them. The best way by far to enjoy any kind of wax or shatter is with a ‘dab rig’. Dab rigs aren’t super different from regular old pipes and bongs. The only difference between a dab rig and any traditional bong is that the dab rig is a bong that has a ‘nail’ instead of a bowl. Often made of titanium, the nail is meant to be superheated by a small torch instead of a usual lighter, so that the nail gets hot enough to combust the concentrate the second its added to the nail, and all the while you inhale just like a regular bong.

Normally, it’s not advised to smoke concentrates with normal pipes and bongs because you can end up actually wasting or burning a lot of it, plus continual use might get your pipe or bong to levels of dirtiness you’ve never seen before. Even so, sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do and if there’s just no other method available to you, it’s not impossible to smoke that wax.

The most important thing is you don’t want the flame to get into direct contact with whatever concentrate you’re trying to smoke. This will cause it to burn away all the good stuff. When using pipes and bongs for this, it’s as simple as packing a bit of herb at the bottom of the bowl, sprinkling some little tiny bits of wax or shatter onto the weed, then adding some more herb on top. This ensures that your concentrate will not be seared by the open flame of your lighter, but rather heated by the combusting flower all around it.

There’s another way to smoke dabs without a dab rig which is generally used for hash but does work decently well with concentrates. Sticking B.T.’s or bottle tokes is a great way to get stoned off concentrate. This is a bit more tricky than using pipes and bongs, but with a bit of practice it becomes second nature, especially if you already smoke cigarettes. If you’re curious, you can find all sorts of detailed guides on how exactly to smoke bottle tokes, and what you need to do it. Now that you know a dab rig isn’t necessary, I hope you can enjoy the potent effect of concentrates in your lives more often!

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