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Why does Samsung top the smart 4K race?

4K technology is the ultra-high definition television which accounts for majority of sales among all the units of television sold. 4K is not only high definition, it goes beyond resolution, it provides better frame rates, color and specific content which was shot specifically for 4K screens. 

Samsung has been the top manufacturer for television units. It also has dominance over the market share of the TV segment. From QLED to SUHD, 5-Series to 9-Series, it has a vast variety of televisions available to suit each and every one. So you’re in good hands if you plan on buying a Samsung TV. But because of huge variety of TV sets available in the market at very competitive prices it is difficult to choose and decide.
Why to choose Samsung over other TV brands?

1.       There is a reason why there is such a huge fan following of Samsung brand. It hold a strong loyalty among its customers because in 2017 it had televisions which were way better than its competitors, more so in QLED range.
2.       Also, it is better in up scaling the television sets from HD signal to 4K signal than others and also does a better job in motion handling than others like LG or Sony.
3.       Another distinctive fact is that they offer a different technology called HDR10+ which makes their colors look super vivid.
4.       For gamers, Samsung TV has a relatively very low input lag which works great with the new Xbox One X or PS4 Pro.
5.       There is one more feature which is like a prime focus for Samsung brand, that it provides the thinnest possible television in the market with smallest-in-class bezel and cabinet depth.
6.       The smart TV interface is one of the best in class and extremely user friendly. Every year the visual aspect of the interface gets better and so does the offered apps which are lots compared to other television brands.

However it all comes down to the specifications you are looking for in the TV, even though Samsung offers best in class 4K television models it is also more expensive than other television sets in the market. There are brands which offer similar type of features with a less price as compared with this but Samsung holds brand loyalty of many of the customers which makes them dominate the market.

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