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Why Corporate Digital Signage Is Taking Over Communication in the Workplace

The corporate world is relying less and less on traditional forms of communication and embracing digital signage. The latter is better than the former because it has a faster and wider reach. In addition, digital signage makes for a cleaner work environment. The advent of digital signage marks the end of the use of paper and other materials that litter the working space in an effort to communicate.

The beauty of digital signage is that corporates are incorporating it into other communication avenues in order to give prompt information to everyone in the firm. It is also increasingly possible to spread information outside the firm since the world has advanced so much with regard to globalization.

With a hosting platform like Wordpress, corporates can gain access to digital signage via the WordPress plugin. It offers a great way for enterprises to get some quick advertisement going. Corporate digital signage is definitely the way to go for many corporations in this digital world.

Packages Offered by Digital Signage
There are three platforms:
  1. Pro
  2. Enterprise Agency 100
  3. Enterprise Agency Unlimited
Each offers the following features:
  1. Screen management
  2. Provision for adding tailored pictures into slides
  3. Provision for adding texts in various fonts, sizes and colours into slides.
  4. Ability to adjust background colour and image of slides
  5. Automatic updates of screens on changes on the playlists
  6. Dashboard
  7. Ability to insert HTML pages and YouTube videos
  8. Support for SMIL videos
  9. Creating HTML content
  10. Videowall support
  11. Provision to use your own media library with folder and multi-user management
The pros of digital signage

Digital signage is great for corporate communication. Digital notice boards are increasingly making their way into firms and replacing the thumb-tacked and stapled notices of yore.  This makes for less cluttered lobbies and staff areas as there are fewer hardcopy notices lying about.

Digital signage offers prompt communication which is a definite plus as it improves time management. A few of the pros include:
  1. Digital signage helps to create custom messages that are appropriate for the specific recipients.
  2. It makes it possible for firms to train their customer service providers through video, thus improving that particular department.
  3. It enhances employee contribution by taking notice of their contribution.
  4. It improves the safety of the workplace because its display of safety notifications is attention catching and therefore easily noticeable.
Since the world is becoming one huge global village, companies will soon be in a position to broaden their services to include the worldwide market. Digital signage plays a tremendous role in this as it is an efficient way to pass information to branches that are spread out in various locations.

How firms are using digital signage to enhance communication at work

Digital signage is helping corporations do a lot more than they could in the past.
  1. Regulate training Digital signage makes it possible for firms to avail training videos for their employees right in the workplace. Demonstrations and procedures can be followed easily and the employees do not have to leave their workstations at all.
    Training boosts the relationship between the employees and employers because the employees are grateful for empowerment through education.
  2. Build a solid corporate tradition Digital signage is helping to bring employees together to bond over corporate directives, mission statements and mottos, constantly reminding them about the goals of the company as well as bulletins about ongoing competitions and prizes to be won if any.
    Firms also use digital signage to publicly praise workers who have given exceptional service or surpassed the set goals. This helps to encourage healthy competition amongstthe employees,which in turn boosts performance to the delight of the company executives. Motivated employees make double the effort.
  3. Metrics The digital signage platform can be used to pass around information touching on company performance and production. It eliminates the need for so many meetings to discuss the same; meetings which cut into work time. This communication tool is also a great way for employees to know if they are achieving their goals when they compare their output with the appropriate company metrics. Moreover, everyone in the firm can be made aware of how the company is performing on a day to day basis, as well as weigh their contribution to the success or failure of the company.
Installation of the screens

Without a doubt, screens should be placed strategically. They should be easily accessible to all in the firm.
  1. The administration offices are a strategic place to install the screens. The managers can be constantly confronted by the numbers and that could be incentive enough to double their efforts. They can also have easy access to financial reports and share price news as they walk to the boardroom for a meeting. This would ensure that they are constantly updated and present only the latest figures in the meetings.
  2. The factory is another strategic place to install a screen. Information streaming in across the screen keeps the workers aware of production on the go. They are also reminded of the goals they are expected to meet on a daily basis…maybe even hourly.
The firm can also include production incentives to remind the workers what they stand to gain from improved production. Management will be able to use the platform to update employees on upcoming company events like activations, promotional drives and anniversaries.

There is a lot of information out there that indicates that digital signage is the new big thing in corporate communication. Many corporations and even smaller firms are getting in on the action and saving quite a bit of money and company time that was hitherto spent on taking employees out to be trained. It has also proven to be an effective platform for keeping employees and management in touch as well as fostering goodwill and camaraderie amongst the workers.

Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.
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