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What You Must Consider When Buying Your Kid's Mattress!

Mother, if you consider this only as a word, then practically you may be right.  But the word has a more significant and in-depth meaning, and by uttering the word itself, one can experience the support of a mother. A mother is everything to a kid. No one can take a better care of a kid than its mother. If the discussion is on a mattress, then a mother's lap is the god given mattress to a kid. But a mother has other things also to care, so she ensures that her kid is safe when he/she is sleeping happily on a good mattress. As a mother myself, I take special care while purchasing a mattress for my kid which I would like to share with you all.
  • Quality of the kid’s mattress: Remember one thing; initially your kid spends a lot of time in sleeping.   So the mattress you purchase should be of high quality. Any inconvenience may cause disturbance to your kid.  My advice is – never comprise on quality of the mattress. I know the cost of the mattress matters but your kid is everything to you and giving the kid a little bit of convenience is your duty and responsibility.
  • Check the firmness: Always ensure that the mattress is firm and has no gaps. 
  • Never go by the cover: Many manufacturers manufacture mattresses. To compete, they try to attract the customer by showing well-covered products.  But when a mattress is purchased for your kid, check the mattress by hand.  Only if you feel everything is fine – i.e., it is soft, and the coir is not poking when you place your hand on the cover, etc.  You need to purchase the mattress.
  • Check for damages: Normally in discount sales, the businessmen try to push their old stock. Therefore, ensure that there are no cracks in the mattress cover as the foam will come out and the shape of the mattress may be damaged.
  • Waterproof cover: Ensure you purchase a tight fitting water proof cover for your kid's mattress, because these are chances of the body getting wet while sleeping.  So if the cover is waterproof, then it can be easily washed, dried and later reused.  This is an ideal solution to keep your kid’s sleeping area neat and clean.
  • Check and recheck: Before purchasing a mattress, always check and compare between two or more stores and select the best product. This comparison not only helps you with variety in product, but the price also can be compared.  However nowadays, one can get products online also. So start browsing websites and check for details.  Usually, all sites dealing with online sale/purchase provide full information but beware of fake websites.  Always check whether the website is genuine or not.
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