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Unveiling Some True Facts Hitched to HPV Virus

A healthy lifestyle is what all desire to have, but given the irregular lifestyle that one leads today, it is quite likely to encounter issues, such as hypertension, blood sugar, cardiovascular disorders, back pain and the worst - CANCER. Over the years, the number of deaths due to cancer has gone up to an unbelievable extent and women are affected most when compared to men. This is where cervical cancer needs to be mentioned. This type of cancer occurs due to the spread of HPV virus and initially denotes their existence in the form of genital warts. Though you can carry on with an active sex life even with HPV virus in your body, if the same is left untreated for a long time-span, there are chances of developing cervical cancer.

HPV Can Remain Active for Years Unless Symptoms are Revealed

Among the number of deaths occurring due to cervical cancer each year, at least 3000 to 4000 women could have easily lived if cancer had been diagnosed at an early stage. The medical practitioners say that the number is this high, as most women don’t have any idea regarding cervical cancer and its symptoms until it gets too late.

The instance of Joey Feek HPV infection signifies that each time you get engaged in sex with someone new, you need to be aware of certain aspects of HPV virus, as they might help you to stay away from the deadly disease.

Truth Regarding HPV

# More than 250 different strains of Human Papillomavirus have been identified. However, just a few of these result in serious medical conditions like, genital warts. This is common to both females and males. In females, this leads to cervical cancer.

# Genital HOV gets transmitted only via sexual contact or in some cases, due to oral sex, with someone who is infected by this already. Remember, you can’t end up with HPV by sitting in a place where someone with HPV was sitting or the toilet used by him or her.

# If you are encountering genital warts, it doesn’t mean that your present sex partner has infected you. Surprisingly, HPV strains leading to genital warts lie in your system without any symptom for over years.

# having HPV does not signify that you are immoral. You just need one sexual act to end up with this infection. Of course, the more you take part in unsafe sexual acts, the more you are likely to end up with cervical cancer. Hence, it is recommended to go for safe sex and lead a healthy life.

# Simply seeking help for curing genital warts does not cure HPV. Even though warts may vanish, the virus can still affect you and your partner in future.

Today, there are vaccines available for keeping the spread of HPV under control. For reducing the effect of this virus, go for the same. It acts as a great weapon against cervical cancer.

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