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The Transformation of the Railways

Centuries ago, people travelled from one town to another either by foot or by carts and horses. Recently, the Industrial Revolution triggered a series of changes in every aspect of the society. A lot of inventions were processed and taken forward. The development of railways was perhaps the most important services which occurred. People from almost every nook and corner of most countries were able to travel wherever they wanted to. This is how the railways have changed from how they were in the past, to how they are now.
  • Gone are the days when people had to stand in long queues to buy a train ticket. With the advance in technology, a simple tap is enough to procure a ticket from the Railway Department. There are several travel agencies which help people to book train tickets. There are also several apps available for your smartphone to make the ticket buying process a straightforward and user-friendly system. The old rigid systems like waiting for the train ticket to arrive by post in case of an outstation booking have been discarded. E-Tickets are accepted in railways. A confirmation will also be sent via SMS to your cell-phone. For example, if you want to book your train ticket in India, you can make an IRCTC Train Enquiry on the official website itself. This further automates the entire ticket buying process. You can also check your PNR status on any available platform as mentioned by the department.

  • During a long journey, food is made available for the passengers in every train. There are also stalls on railways stations from where you can buy your food. Hygiene plays a vital role, though. Availability could also be less. You need not worry about any of this now! There are many apps from where you could book food online from your seat itself. Very good quality food will definitely make its way to you, and the service is also on time.

  • Most people dislike crowds. Well, train timings and regularity were very unpredictable in the recent past. Nowadays, with the introduction of more trains and better quality seating arrangements, crowds can be managed more efficiently. The aim of the department is to ensure that everyone traveling in the train get seats. All this is slowly coming into practice.

  • The next thing that comes to our mind is the restroom facility in trains. Sometime in the past and even in some trains present right now, toilets used to be a major issue. The maintenance was not up to the mark. With the advance in technology, new concepts are being introduced to help maintain these restrooms, and offer high-quality material for the toilets. Periodic cleaning and water saving techniques are being put into practice to help achieve the goal of clean restrooms in all trains.
Unfortunately, all good things come attached with a string of bad things. Safety is a major topic to be discussed in railways. The railway department aims to keep every customer safe and satisfied. Anywhere across the globe, train safety is essential.
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