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The top tale: ways to spruce up your tops

Tops are a timeless comfort dress for women. These are not only comfortable but extremely fashionable as well when worn right. However, it is very important to remember that every body type and personality comes with its own needs, and when it comes to tops, you can really style them up in a way that you want.

Well, if you are planning on doing some women's tops online shopping, then you need to remember that no matter what you wear, you need to spruce them up in your way. Just because she looks good in that top with those earrings, does not mean that it will suit you too. So, here are some ways with which you can definitely spruce up your tops according to your style sense:
  1. Well, one of the most stylish ways to spruce up a top is by wearing it with a long shrug with nice motifs or prints. This look works really well when paired with a single coloured top. For example, if you have say a three quartered red top in your disposal, then rather than simply wearing it with a pair of blue jeans, you can wear it with an almost floor length grey shrug to create a lovely and stylish look. Play around with colours for that perfect look.

  1. Another really interesting and fashionable way to wear your top right with a bit of jazz is by wearing it with a simple scarf. This too works well with mono coloured tops. For example, if you have a white top and you want to pair it up with blue shorts or a long skirt or a pair of jeans, then just for some splash of colour, you can wear it with a floral printed scarf. Make sure that you have a couple of scarves in your wardrobe that you can wear at all times.
  2. Another way with which you can make your formal top look work is by wearing it with a waist coats. Well, the waist coat does not really have to be a typical black or solid coloured one. You can wear them printed as well. In fact, if you want to highlight your curves, then there is no better accessory than this. So, do make sure that you have some tailor-made waist coats in your wardrobe.
  3. When you get your women's tops online shopping done, make sure that you opt for some shines and shimmers as well for those nights out with your friends when you want to hit the pubs. These tops do not really need any other additional accessory, but if you want you can wear them with contrasting shoes for an eye catchy effect.

  1. If you want to keep your look ethnic, then wear a top with a dupatta. A simple pastel shade top with a long dupatta, especially when a stitched one, it works really well for an intellectual look.
There are numerous styles that you can try out with tops. Go ahead and find the right style for yourself today!
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