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How You Can Easily Adjust to The New USBC and Thunderbolt Devices

The decision to buy a new MacBook Pro is a brave option if you already know that there are no more HDMI ports, and microphone/headphone jacks. All of that has been replaced with one single USB-C or Thunderbolt port. It is not only apple doing it. More and more laptop and smartphone companies are coming with either included USB of class C or switch to it entirely.

That being said, there are engineers all over the world who have come up with USB-C hubs for such USB. This new standardization represents the appetite of tech companies to do too much in too less time. Here are a few possible cases of how new USB-C can change your lifestyle, and how you can adjust to these changes.
  • Connecting USB-A ports type to the MacBook: Since much of traditional ports are not equipped with the new adapter, Apple sells simple USB-C to USB-A adapter for little cost.
  • Micro/mini USB: the thing plugged in on the other end is mini/micro USB of class B. Micro USB is present in everything from low- end android phones to high- end cameras. In the context of MacBook, it never really used such USB's, and thus there are no products of apple to tackle it. Some firms produce it and are of a quality comparable to that of MacBook.
  • Lightning: If you have a new MacBook Pro and an iPhone 7, there is no way to connect them without an adapter. All external trackpads, mice, they charge via lightning. However, to your rescue, Apple sells 1m and 2m wires of lightening to USB-C cables as well.
  • Display port, HDMI, DVI, VGA: The new model has demolished any scope of video outsourcing, but Apple sells separate HDMI and VGA dongles which are pretty efficient as well as long-lasting.
  • Gigabit Ethernet: Internet is life, and MacBook Pro has not provided a port for Ethernet wire. To save the deal, Apple collaborated with Belkin and provided the customers with adapters to connect USB-C port with the internet.
  • Previous versions of Thunderbolt: To connect your current thunderbolt USB to its earlier versions, once again you need to loosen your pocket and grab a bidirectional dongle which works with your PC as well.
  • Card readers and flash drives: While there are separate adapters for both of them on the store, but why to spend so much on such inadequate things. Grab a cheap local adapter which, when used in the right way, might work wonders.

You can either get carried away by all these hectic requirements for your daily jobs or read the golden deal that we present. So, here it is: Golden deal- going through the list, top to bottom might have led you to think that buying a MacBook is a purpose of problems and let’s explore other options then you are wrong. There are established brands which build the best USB-c hub for MacBook pro which has SD card adapters, Ethernet adapters, USB-3.0 adapters and what not. So, instead of refraining from an excellent product due to lack of information, explore our articles and find out the best USB-C hub for your MacBook.

Author bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.
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