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Four fun Easter activities for families

Easter is a great time of the year when the whole family is together enjoying each other’s company. Keep them all busy with interactive and exciting activities that are sure to keep the little kids entertained and the big kids laughing. To help you, we came up with four fun Easter activities for the whole family.

The classic Easter Egg hunt

Get everyone up and active with the classic Easter egg hunt that’s easy to set up in your backyard, a playground, or out in your favourite park. Pick up an Easter egg hunt kit that includes everything you need to keep things interesting. An Easter egg hunt kit will have great stuff like animal masks, little signs pointing the way for the next clue, and a basket you can personalize with your name on it. Whoever finds their eggs or goodies first, wins.


Sitting down with the family and crafting is an excellent way to create some lasting memories and create some unique artwork at the same time. Everything from Easter pom pom characters made of yarn, rope, and printed cards are available in one easy kit. Colour whatever you want onto polyfoam bunnies and eggs. Polyfoam is a clever way to save your Easter egg hunt from cracking across the living room carpet and to ensure that your bunnies won’t melt on those warm spring days. Each child can easily customize their own polyfoam egg with no mess to worry about afterwards.

Dressing up

Everyone is looking for a reason to act silly, be them six years old or sixty years old. Dressing up wearing a fun hat always bring a smile to old and young alike. Let everyone know that you want to decorate your own Easter bonnet to be worn the whole day through. You can pick a family theme or maybe work on them as couples with matching bonnets. It’s easy to pick up some Easter bonnet kits for that group afternoon activity and maybe start on a new family tradition.

Fun games

Some interactive fun games keep Easter entertaining and productive. Rather than sitting on the sofa and watching television, why not enjoy a funny-bunny game by making your own masks. You may play an original board game and make masks to suit each team or invent a game like hide-and-seek bunny style. You can find some fantastic colour-your-own bunny masks online from TheWorks and get to work with the creativity using a few felt markers.

Having fun around the holidays is priority number one, so keep them fed, keep them happy and keep the fun going. Plan out some interactive and exciting Easter activities for the whole family this Easter season with crafting kits and clever ideas to make sure your family has Easter memories to last a lifetime. We got you started now put those ideas into action.
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