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Eye shadow makeup

Beauty and appearance strikes a first impression on a person. Beauty is all about having good heart. It is exposed internally. As your entire appearance matters your confidence and your attitude. Especially in face, an eye marks a good impact when you are engaged in a discussion with the people.

So eye beauty and makeup is essentially concentrated by many young women currently such as eyelashes, eye shadows etc.

By concentrating on the existed Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer, your eyes are accompanied with a good look and you can wear this eyeshadow at any occasion as it suits well. Its looks are very natural in all the occasions as well.

Let’s focus on application and drawbacks of wearing an eye makeup:

How to apply eye shadow in an even tone:
  1. Based on required eye shadow color, you are advised to wear in a glossy way. Consistency and even toned makeup for your eyes will make you look as simple and natural as required. Here application of shadow colors plays a main role in terms of your eye beauty. Consider Urban Decay's eyeshadow primer helps in applying your eye lids with different colors of eye shadows in a smoothly pattern.
  2. You can also add different color shades together for an effective lining of your eye lid in quite simple and little bit glossy as well.
  3. The application of eye shadow will be in a sequential procedure like initially apply some moisturizer and a cream shadow, eye gloss accordingly. You can also mix 2 or 3 more colors for a desired and different color.
  4. Finally your eye makeup will be evenly glossy and lasts for a long time as well with a proper application instantly.
  1. This kind of glossy eye makeup will simply stick to your skin effectively but when you wear this eye makeup shadow shade around your eyes, it might erase your pigment form your desired place. In fact, you can apply this eye makeup around on your eye lids. Drawback is, it is quite slippery nature and cannot be comfortable to utilize for touch up’s as well.
  2. It is very sticky in nature. If you are engaged with any kind of professional frustrations, you may not feel comfortable to wear this glossy eye makeup with ease. It is also risky when you are in storm and windy conditions which will impact your eyes stuck in heavy wind blowing with high speed.
  3. For increasing much amount of glossy looks to your eyes, you are advised to wear less shadow shades to your eyes otherwise it looks like irritating.

Hence based on the usage and drawbacks of eye makeup application will make you realize its essence of beauty and along with its resided drawbacks as well.
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