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Boost Your Follower Base on Instagram with These Tactics

With more than eight hundred million active users, Instagram is definitely the best social media platform for high user engagement. However, it requires few strategies to tempt your user base to engage with your posts on Instagram. For this, you need to keep your ultimate goal in mind, which is to connect with potential followers who possess a genuine interest in your brand.

If you are looking for methods to increase your follower base and get more likes and comments on your visual content, then take a look at the following tactics and design your Instagram campaign accordingly.

Fix an Appropriate Time for Posting

Resist your temptation to post your brand and products images and think about the proper timing for the post. Speaking of which, you need to keep two important things in mind - the time zone of your target audience and what are the hours when they are most active on the platform.

Use Trending Hashtags

Determining the industry you are in, there are a few Instagram hashtags that are exceptionally popular, which can be utilized to receive better exposure on the feed and Instagram search queries. Not only does it bring more visibility to your posts, but also helps you in reaching new followers. If you are considering Instagram marketing for your business, you can take the assistance of websites like stormlikes that help you in getting more likes. A great way to identify the best hashtags for your industry is through researching on Google. Just make sure that you do not stuff them in a wrong manner, which can make your post look cluttered and overzealous.

Organize Contests at Regular Intervals

Hosting a contest on Instagram is a contemporary method to engage existing and new followers to your account. You will get to know your audience better that will help you in refining your strategies for a better performance and results in the future. Since Instagram is one of the popular platforms on social media, it is an incredible place to run contests.

Write Captivating Captions

One of the best ways to achieve better engagement in terms of likes and comments on Instagram is optimizing the captions properly. Use your image’s caption to evoke the emotions of your followers. Your caption should ask a question to them, which will drive them to find an answer by connecting with your account.

Get Realistic with Your Posts

There is no rule on Instagram that you have to always post a content that is marketing driven. In order to connect well with your followers, you can deliver your brand’s message through sharing some moments of your workplace. Highlight your employees and their efforts behind making the business more successful, as well as, caring for the customers at the same time.


Ultimately, it is all about being professional and transparent with your target audience and followers on Instagram. The number of likes and comments entirely depend on how you execute the aforementioned strategies. Hence, adhere to these policies before posting your content on Instagram.

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