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Avail These Instagram Trends and Boost Your Marketing in 2018

Nurturing a productive social media marketing campaign can be of great value in today’s online market. Whether it is a small business or a large firm, Instagram has evolved into one of the main platforms for all types of business. If you want to define your brand, business goals, as well as, connect with a new audience base, Instagram is the best option for you.

Just like its other social media counterparts, Instagram has undergone many changes since its early days. Now it is difficult for businesses to sustain in the digital market without availing Instagram in their marketing campaigns. Here is a checklist of Instagram features that you must utilize in 2018:

Instagram Stories

Instagram has adopted this technique from Snapchat and since then various modifications have been made to the feature. Instagram stories now appear to be an effective tool for creating cost-effective awareness of your brand. Location and event filters offer a great way to engage new customers with your account and make them familiar with your business. By availing a location or event filter in you Instagram stories, your post will gain exposure to people who are using the same filter. Instagram stories make marketing more smooth and easy for marketers.

Gallery Posts

Sometimes you receive a bulk of product images that you offer and you are unable to decide which ones to post. You also do not want to fill the Instagram feed of your users with only your posts. To your rescue, Instagram now comes with a gallery posts option, where you easily upload up to ten images or videos in one single post. It is a slideshow feature where your followers for Instagram can view them seamlessly. This feature provides brands with an excellent opportunity to promote their offerings in a single post.

Story Links

Stories are a fun and easy method to advertise the various layers of your business. Followers respond greatly to a realistic, behind the scenes insight into their favorite brands. It can be a normal video, sponsored event or anything related to your company. Regardless of the content, your ultimate target is to develop your Instagram profile and portray your business effectively. Story links allow you to direct your audience to your website, storefront, or any other landing page where they can have a better experience of your products and services. All they need to do is make an upward swipe to your Instagram stories.

Adhere to the Algorithm

Instagram no longer displays posts that are filtered in a reverse upload order, instead, the new algorithm displays those account posts with whom you communicate frequently. Some businesses have witnessed a fall in their user engagement and the reason is the new algorithm updates. The new trend to use this feature in your favor is by blending your posts which means attaching a promotional or sponsored post on either side of your organic post.


Instagram is all about a fun and professional way of marketing. If you want to have a great social media marketing campaign in 2018, consider the above-mentioned Instagram trends and boost your promotional campaign.

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