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An All-in-One Guide to Finding Food in the Wilderness

Foraging for food can be difficult when you are trapped in a jungle. However, you will be surprised to know that there are endless options of food available out there, which means you do not have to starve in case you lost your way in the jungle. Until you find your own way or wait for the rescue team to arrive, you can avail a lot of resources provided by the Mother Nature.

From numerous edible plants to small creatures, there is a wide range of food elements present in the jungle and the trick is to look in the right places. With that being said, here are some tips that you will help you in learning how to feed yourself during a wilderness situation.

Look for a Basic Food Source

As you realize that you are now left without any means in an extremely bad situation, the best option for you right now is keep your calm and try to remain as comfortable as possible until some help arrives. Next, you have to gather all the knowledge you have regarding foraging food in the wild since you will require a lot of energy for surviving the hostile environment. That is why it is always recommended to hire the services of a guide when going for a jungle safari. For instance, when you visit the wildlife reserve near the Tadoba hotels, your travel guide will enlighten you with all the basic elements of the jungle including the way out when stranded in a bad situation.

Check Before Eating Plants

Generally speaking, plants are one of the best and easiest food sources that you can find effortlessly in a wilderness situation. An eclectic range of berries, nuts, and ferns can be eaten if you can identify them easily. Since they are easy to find, survivalists advise not to eat any plant that you are having problem identifying because most of the deaths have occurred due to consuming a wrong herb. The jungle has an equal share of edible food sources and the poisonous ones. It would be really great if you do your homework on edible plants and fruits of the area that you are going to tour.

Switch to the Higher Food Groups

As said before, surviving in a wilderness situation will need more energy and you have to look out for every food source that will provide you with immaculate energy. This might require you to move to a higher food chain that includes crickets, locusts, snails and earthworms and other nutritional meal during emergencies.

Try Fishing for a Nutritious Meal

If the circumstances allow, then fishing can eliminate all your issues regarding energy requirement in a wilderness scenario. Not only you will have a change in taste, but eating fish can provide you with all the required vitamins and nutrients you need to survive the jungle. All you need to know is how to build a fishing hook with the items available in the forest.


Finally, the most crucial thing to do in a wilderness situation is to stay calm and look out for all the possible ways to get back to the civilization. You must be mindful that you have limited resources in hand so everything should be well optimized. Your main focus should be on getting out of the dire situation which will need a lot of energy that you can get following the aforementioned tips.

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