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All About A Kidney Transplant And Its Working

Kidney is one of the most hard-working organs in a human body. It filters almost 120-160 quarts blood everyday and produces, 1-2 quarts of urine which is composed of extra fluid and wastes. This is the average work done by a normal kidney, but if it stops doing so, it means the body has fallen prey to Chronic kidney disease (CKD). CKD is a serious issue which generally doesn’t get cured and leads to kidney failure in the future. When the kidney fails, the wastes doesn’t get thrown out of the body properly which leads to building up of extra salt and harmful wastes inside the body. Therefore, you need to get treatment for your damaged kidneys. The need for a dialysis or transplant is not the same for all. Some people are able to stay fit without any need for dialysis or transplant, while some quickly progress to kidney failure. When such a situation comes, dialysis is the first option but when even that doesn’t work, the kidney needs to be transplanted. There are many kidney transplant specialist in India who can help you in such a situation and treat you and give you back your healthy life. The options available are:
  • Hemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • A kidney transplant

Kidney Transplant is same as any other transplant surgery of any other organ, i.e., a kidney transplant is a surgerydone when the kidney breaks down and stops functioning and is replaced by a healthy kidney from donors body to the patients body. In the case of kidney transplant the donor can be a person who just died or a living person too. And most often the donor is a family member. If the donor has just died the kidney is a deceased donor kidney. And if the donor is a living person, it is a living donor kidney. The kidney can be received from a living person generally a family member. Only if this isn’t possible, the transplant team that you have will place your case on a waiting list that works nationally to match kidney of deceased donors to the patients in need. But to perform such a critical surgery specialists are needed. Fortunately, there are many kidney transplant specialist in India who have performed various successful transplant surgeries. Once you receive the kidney, the organ is transplanted, and the kidney then takes over its job and starts filtering the blood. Being a foreign organ human body attacks it as its normal behavior is to attack anything that’s foreign, but to make the body accept the kidney, certain medicines are given to the patient, known as immunosuppressant. This medicine stops the body to attack the new organ, in this case the kidney.

During the transplant, the kidney is placed in the lower abdomen, near the groin, by the surgeons. The surgeons then connect the veins and the arteries of the donor kidney from the body’s veins and arteries so that the blood starts to flow through the kidney. Next the kidney is attached to the ureter from the donor kidney to the bladder of the body, to let the urine flow from the new kidney.

After the surgery there are two possibilities that either the kidney starts working right away or it takes around one to two weeks to make urine. In case the kidney does not start to work right away, dialysis is needed to be done. This treatment helps in filtering wastes, fluid and extra salt from the body. This treatment is done until the kidney starts working. Only if, the kidneys catch any infections or the kidney causes high blood pressure in the body or they become cancerous, they can stay in the body.
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