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5 Reasons You Can’t Miss The April Grand Prix Events

With the Grand Prix season having started, it is finally time to answer the question about why you should care. Even with the convenience of watching the Grand Prix online from anywhere with a VPN for Formula 1, why should you bother? This article looks to address these question and give you five reasons why the April Grand Prix events should interest you.

The cars and racers
Since its inception, the Grand Prix has always been about the cars. It is about breaking the bounds of what we know to be normal and venturing into something different regarding both engineering and speed. You then combine the best aspects of engineering with the best racers to figure out just how well man and machine can work together and which of the two determines the win. If you are anything of a car enthusiast, then this is the event you should keep an eye on. Here you get to see the best aspects of motor engineering – speed, handling, fuel consumption, and endurance - put to the test.

The history of Formula One racing is one of the richest sports histories. It is one full of intrigue, prestige, marvel, and tragedy. With every race, you get to see that entire history displayed for your viewing pleasure, but more importantly, you get to watch as the creation of history.

The extravagance
If you think golf is a wealthy sport, you clearly haven’t watched the Grand Prix. The drivers, the cars, the teams and the fans are all just a show of sheer extravagance. Formula One has some of the most famous and wealthiest fans on the planet. Just being in attendance at any of the circuits could guarantee your brush with royalty – or someone close enough. This is a chance to experience the high side of life, and at the very least to see the latest fashion trends.

The traveling
The April edition of the 2018 Formula One Grand Prix will be held in three different cities, in three different countries. If you ever needed the excuse to travel, this would be it. While it would be an expensive trip, it is definitely the chance of a lifetime to visit three different countries within a month.

The close calls
Formula One racing circuits are designed to test every aspect of a car’s design. In short, the circuits are difficult to maneuver. With it being a race of super fast, supercharged cars, it is the prime arena for some really close shaves. While hopefully none of those close shaves turns into tragic fatalities, they are enough to keep you excited, guessing and on edge. In the Grand Prix, you can never be too sure about who will emerge victorious.

The Takeaway
The Grand Prix is a little more than just a race, and it gives the fans a little bit of everything. Nevertheless, to understand why millions of people around the world are so excited about this sport, you have to experience it for yourself. You have to see the history, the cars, the racers, the close shaves and the extravagance to admire it truly and that is why you should be interested in the April Grand Prix Events.

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