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Transfer pumps at 12 volts DC ... beyond the obvious

We are commonly asked "I have a project located in remote areas, where I need to provide services to my clients. What options do I have?"

We have been deeply involved in the design of several tanks at ground level (UL 142, UL 2085). Designs where our imagination overflows and the fun begin. "Let's think and it will be possible".

So, let's start with this little publication. When you are considering direct current power pumps, there are two main points to think about when choosing the type of pump that meets your needs:

1.-The percentage of flow
2.-The continuous cycle of work

Yes, that's right, in that order ...

Let's start with the percentage of flow - commonly (and ordinarily) DC pumps will give you 15 to 20 gallons / minute at best.

Here is a list of good pumps that will generate that flow; We will be honest, we are not evaluating them for any of their particular merits. We are simply showing some pumps in this category, which seem to be most direct current pumps.


One of our favorites is the PIUSI BOX, portable and compact. Available in 12 volts and 24 volts.
Fill Rite is also a good pump in this category. 13 Gallons / Minute and 12 volts.

Again, we are left wanting more! What if you need "explosion proof". Those are real world questions and we are ready to show you these options. So, in percentage of flow: how about a configuration of 30 gallons / minute, as much as 40 gallons / minute in 12 volts direct current?

Here are the competitors

OPTION 2 - Blade pump 1102- 12 Volt 1-1 / 4 "DC. We have this pump, reaching a flow of 40 Gallons / Minute (Also, explosion-proof).

Now, this is where you need the continuous cycle of work. What is the Continuous Work Cycle? It is the time that the motor can continue to operate before needing a pause, or for what percentage of running time, it is intended. For example, a submachine gun may only make 100 shots before it needs to be cooled and replenished.

As an example, our 1102 blade has a large flow rate of 40 gallons / minute but you need to leave the motor idle after 30 minutes. So, this makes the pump a 12-volt DC transfer with a 30-minute duty cycle.

Additionally, our 1101 blade has a good flow rate of 30 Gallons / Minute, a little less than blade 1102, but there is no need to turn it off or let it rest. So, this becomes a 12-volt transfer pump with a continuous duty cycle.

High-flow fuel transfer pumps - can we see options, please?

We want to share a case with you esteemed readers, where the needs themselves resulted in an interesting project, which was developed for a new installation of transshipment and fuel transportation. In today's business world, portability and flexibility are very important, ranging from our portable access points to equipment that we cannot do without; and these -in turn- serve different purposes.

So, this new company was created to do something revolutionary with this great idea of ​​high volume mobile pumps to transport fuels. But what was still resonating in the environment during our interviews was the need to give options that would work really easily. So why not share the options that have been shared with you, our readers.

So, we began to point out some of them, our starting point of best transfer pumps is greater than 100 GPM (gallons per minute, 378 liters approx.) And with many configurations such as pumps with diesel engines, gasoline or alternating current.

We would not like to distract you with these technicalities that we have just defined since the solutions are more than a small snack.

Well, here we go:
  1. If you are looking for transfer of diesel, biodiesel, or ethanol, here is a great option that will give 100 GPM with gasoline or diesel engine.

The safest way to perform any hazardous pumping operation is to use a pump suitable for the challenge. Gorman-Rupp offers Shield-A-SaprkTM pumps for transferring and sending flammable liquids without any concern.

On safety and the most relevant: self-priming centrifugal pump / motor with anti-spark and splash shield / muffler and fuel filler cap / ignition / encapsulation cable / spark plugs / approved spark arrester / non-combustible air filter and valves long life. There are models available with gasoline or diesel engines.

2.- Now, if what you are looking for is greater flow, we would go to the model whose rank is 380 GMP

Designed for applications that require high efficiency in the transfer flow and solids handling capacity. These pumps are constructed of heavy duty molded aluminum or molded iron with ductile iron impellers and steel or cast-iron plates.

A clean front design allows easy removal of garbage and debris without disconnecting the hoses. The pumps are available with Honda, Kohler or Lombardino gasoline engines, John Deere or Deutz diesel engines. All are equipped with aspiration filters and 90 ° discharge elbows.

4 "x 4" NPT (National Pipes Thread) 13 HP (horsepower) Honda gas engine, with aluminum body, Viton seals, and frame. This model is also available with diesel engines.

3.- Well, here comes the "Powerful" are you looking to achieve a flow of 1000 GPM? Now we go to the range of our 6 "pumps.

Made of molded iron or aluminum / Viton silicon carbide mechanical seals / up to 25 ft. (Ft., 305 m) self-suction / With Honda, Kohler or Lombardino engines, John Deere or Deutz diesel engines / Engines available from 13 to 57 HP (horsepower) / Two tractor or trailer wheel assemblies for standard highway on some models (DOT approved trailers on request).

Now, it is important to emphasize that "explosion proof" has nothing to do with the pump itself but rather with the engine (diesel or gasoline). So, the option to have an explosion-proof motor or not is certainly an option for you. However, we must point out that we will not sell any pump that is not explosion proof for ethanol handling.

4.- To add an additional option, we can take a look at the high-flow transfer AC motor. For this you must have a generator with capacity of 380 v (volts) three-phase to use this giant. We will not get into this issue a lot since most of the pumps that have been ordered are diesel or gasoline, but we have this option ready for you, option of ready reviews on Saim deals is also open before purchasing gadgets online.

This is the line of high flow pumps that we handle. These pumps can be used for transfer, driving or filling of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel or ethanol in particular.
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