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Number One Ranking on SERPs: Is It Really Important?

In the world of digital marketing, search engine optimization or SEO is the platform used by businesses in order to stand out in the competition. SEO itself is a competition where web professionals apply various strategies to gain the best possible rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).
There are tons of companies operating their respective business in their particular industry, and everyone is working with the same goal in mind. The main aim is to achieve the best position possible for the target keywords; however, the newly modified version of SEO might be transforming that priority.

Here are some of the reasons that have lead to the motivational change behind the SEO ranking goals:

# Advancement of New Search Entries

Earlier, when people used to make a query on the major search engines such as Google, they usually clicked the first organic result. But, the organic search results have now been set apart and users no longer feel the urge to click on the first result in order to find an answer for their needs. With the presence of the local 3-pack, a Knowledge Graph Box, or a rich answer, the organic number one ranking has slightly lost its essence. For further understanding, you can consult a professional SEO firm for providing you search reports found here in your ongoing SEO campaign. 

# Keyword Targeting Has Become Tough

Targeting the phrases or keywords used to be the most crucial factor for your SEO success. All it required was to develop a powerful set of keywords or phrases with low competition and high traffic, and you put all your SEO efforts into it and easily gain the top position on SERPs. Keyword optimization is still valuable today, but owing to the introduction of semantic search, relationships between phrases and keywords have become indistinct. It is difficult to particularly target one important phrase or set of keywords since Google values user queries in accordance with the relevancy of the content, rather than the content with the most number of keyword matches.

# the Rise of Semantic Search

The search world has been drastically influenced by the rise of semantic search. For instance, suppose that you have crafted a long-piece of high-quality content on a specific topic, and it is receiving a lot of links. These links will have a great impact on your site’s credibility, which will streamline the keyword-based ranking process. Moreover, with high-quality content, you are more likely to rank for various phrases that you were not even intentionally targeting in the first place.

Conversion Rate Is Everything

Traffic and rankings are useful metrics, but the actual purpose of SEO is to make sure that visitors take a positive action (buy something, subscribe to a newsletter, donate money) on the website. If your site does not have an engaging design or content, the majority of users will exit before making any buying decision and as a result, your rankings will be meaningless. 

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, the success of an SEO campaign depends on a great vision, as well as, understanding the effectiveness of each strategy. Your business can flourish and do well in the online market even if you receive a number two or three position on the SERP. As long as you can attract “buyers” not the “casual visitors”, you have nothing to worry.

Author Bio – Maria Jones is a digital marketing executive. From effective SEO strategies to incorporating great designs, all the SEO-related solutions can be found here on her blog.
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