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Improve your brain health with Oxiracetam

Oxiracetam is viewed as a well-known and the best nootropic supplement. This drug besides being a brain booster which improves a wide range of cognitive processes is also one mild stimulant which increases and restores both mental and physical energy. This drug improves everything like, learning capacity, sensory perception, logical/technical thinking, attention span, memory, focus, and concentration. Numerous studies proved that this medication is effectual in long-term therapy and is pretty safe. Clinical evidence proves that this drug is hugely effective in preserving and promoting brain health. This medication has been developed in the 1970s and it is an artificial derivative of Piracetam.

Though this supplement follows a similar mechanism of action like other racetams yet it is nearly 5 times more powerful in comparison to Piracetam. It has got stimulant characteristics that are similar to phenylpiracetam. This medication is widely known for this capability to expand learning ability, memory, and different other cognitive functions whilst increasing energy and alertness in healthy people. It also turns as one probable treatment for the loss of memory associated with Alzheimer’s disease besides other neurological conditions. A person does not require a prescription in Canada for buying this nootropic supplement. It can be purchased from the internet easily.

Safely taking this medication

For medical purposes, this medication should be taken in dosages that range between 400mg and 2400mg daily. According to studies, you can also take 1600mg daily to be split into a couple of dosages for the finest results. Users are highly required to begin with a small dosage of 400mg daily and then increase the dosing levels as per their requirement. This practice will help them avert the danger of side effects. People generally stack a racetamnootropic with choline sources for increasing the efficiency and also to keep negative side effects at bay.

This medication is hugely helpful to those who are suffering from a deficiency of choline that leads to the signs of “choline depletion”. Patients suffering from this problem suffer from poor concentration, mood swings, muscle tension, and headache. You will find Choline in egg yolks besides other food sources. Users generally stack Oxiracetam with CDP Choline, Alpha GPC, Phosphatidylcholine, Centrophenoxine, and Citicoline. This medication is water-soluble and you can take this medication accompanied by food or even without it. It has got a little stimulating impact and so it ought to be utilized earlier during the day for avoiding the problem of insomnia.

Legal status in Canada

The Canadian government hasn’t approved this medication in the form of a therapeutic drug but the physicians are given this permission to prescribe it when the need arises. Canadian laws are flexible enough to permit doctors to prescribe those drugs that are required to treat a particular condition. Suppose, a drug has got approval in a nation and it isn’t a controlled substance in this nation then your doctor will write you one prescription if he thinks that it would benefit your health. Again, in Canada, if your physician prescribes you this medication then you won’t be able to get it from stores, like Costco, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Walmart, Rexall and not from your local pharmacy too. One does not require a prescription in Canada to buy it and it isn’t a controlled substance there.

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