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How to Boost Your Site’s SEO Using Advanced Techniques

You must be looking for effective ways of boosting SEO for your business site. You could start by eliminating all your past mistakes and bad habits. You need to replace ineffective tactics with strategic and content-focus strategies. Here are some advanced SEO techniques for you to consider if you are looking for success.

Keywords Should Be Tackled Strategically

No SEO campaign could succeed without effective keyword research. Keyword research would be setting the stage and laying the foundation for a successful SEO campaign. Keywords must be precise and relevant to your business and must have a conversational tone instead of demonstrating a marketing vibe.

Instead of becoming perfect in keyword optimization in whatever content you are publishing, it is important to realize that it could be pretty challenging to get the no.1 ranking on the SERPs especially if you are new to SEO and there are many competitors existing already in this line of work for quite some time now. Instead, you may focus on appropriate long-tail keyword approach. You must publish top quality content consistently including effective long-tail keywords. You would soon attract a lot of traffic. These long-tail keywords are often far more targeted and would ultimately result in improved conversion rates.

Pay Attention to Site Navigation & Be Strategic with Internal Links

The structuring of your site’s navigation could play a pivotal role in allowing search engines to evaluate the importance of every page on your website. If you wish to effectively optimize your website’s navigation, you need to focus on Page Rank Flow and internal link-building and structure. You may assess these features by using effective tools like Screaming Frog or SiteLiner. Use the findings to determine and pinpoint those pages that have very little content and are not at all important. After identifying the worthless pages, you may use the effective noindex code in all these useless pages to let the search engines know that they must not index all these ineffective pages. Moreover, add nofollow code specifically for the links directing to the ineffectual pages for preserving PageRank flow. It would be redirecting PageRank flow precisely to all those pages that are important and actually matter.

You must be careful with all these steps. If the nofollow and noindex attributes are used improperly, it could adversely affect your site’s rankings. You need to be strategic and careful. If necessary, you could hire the experts such as https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ for perfect SEO solutions.

Originality & Authenticity Must Be the Pillars of Success

You need to strictly stick to the originality of content. Avoid all kinds of duplicate content. Create high-quality unique content that you could vouch for authenticity. There is no point posting articles that already exist on some other site as that would lead to serious copyright concerns. Moreover, creating duplicate content could be ruining your reputation, image, and search rankings in the long run. Learn ways of identifying duplicate content by using effective tools such as Copyscape, Screaming Frog, and SiteLiner.


Apart from following the above-advanced techniques, you need to earn links and abstain from buying links as buying and selling of links is an offense as per Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. You simply cannot forcefully inject keywords in a sentence. Keyword density is no longer important and relevant to getting a higher SERP ranking. Concentrate on generating valuable content that would be appreciated by your readers. Remember that any adjustments to your website that makes your potential customers or visitors happier would be making the search engines happier.
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