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Here’s how you can grow your Beard faster

No one can possibly deny the eternal love affair of men with their beard. It is not just a mere patch of hair on their face, beard to men is a matter of one’s own identity and a confidence booster. It is a part of their personality and they take pride in their beard. Men, both, young and old love their whiskers more than anything else but do they take the kind of care of their beard the way they should? We bet you don’t! Beard is not just about growing it but how well you maintain that patch to get those compliments pouring in and attention coming from everywhere around!

And while you may find n number of options for beard grooming, let us explore the use of beard oiling and some essential oils for beard growth that can help you attain the perfect look:

Why Should We Use Beard Oil?

Oiling is essential for hair growth and we have grown up listening to this. Apply the same trick to your beard, you’ll see the change in the texture and growth pattern of your beard hair within a few days of oiling your beard! But not with the oils you use for your scalp or other uses, there are different oils available in the market made suitable to keep good health of your facial skin as well as hair and more info Mensweddingbands.com

How Natural Beard Oil Facilitates Beard Growth?

The loss of facial hair in men is often linked with problems as lupus, deficiencies in vitamins & minerals, infections in the beard area and the like. Whatever the cause may be, the result is hampering of beard growth. Medicines can support up to a certain level, the rest depends upon how well you take care of it. Using essential oils for beard growth not only helps in naturally gaining back the nourishment lost but also improve facial hair growth.Regular massaging helps improve blood circulation, further adding to good health of your beard.

Any Example of Natural Beard Oil?

Coconut oil and castor oil have given magical results in terms of beard growth and has been tried as well as tested with amazing results! Coconut oil is supposed to have some of the hottest ingredients associated with good health for both body and hair. It keeps the beard hair soft, frizz-free, healthy, and also moisturize the skin for hydration under the facial hair.

On the other hand, castor oil inhibits ricinoleic acid that leads to faster absorption of the oil making it go deep in the roots of the hair making it grow faster than otherwise. Not only that, it also thickens hair strands, thus improving hair strength and also enhances the activities of hair follicles. Castor oil can be used with other beard oils for better results like jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.

Remember, if you love your beard a little too much, oiling is the best remedy! From hair growth to hair strengthening to texture of facial hair to skin nourishment, oiling your beard gives you magical results! And whether you own a stubble or thick, long beard; it is your duty to upkeep its health and ensure its nourishment. We hope this blogwill prove out to be helpful for you, drop in your comments below and let us know about your beard related troubles and we’ll be back with another interesting one!
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