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5 Reasons to Use a VPN Connection

With the advancement of Telecommuting, the number of virtual offices is increasing every day. The mainstream offices are being replaced by them which are able to do business from any corner of the world.

The options of network that the business enterprises get to choose, play a vital role in securing the data and its access and many online frauds like Firesheep, Wi-Fi spoofing and many more take place in the process, if the network is not secure enough.

Among all the current options, virtual private network (VPN)isone that creates a secure network connection by using a public network.Today VPN’s are included by the internet service provider as one of the best products for their internet promotion.

1. VPN is Secure
VPN worksalmost the same way as firewalls. It protectsthe computer data online. To describe technically, a VPN can be understood as something similar to a WAN (wide area network) in which all the benefits of functionalitiestake place because of the dedicated connections, encryption protocols and virtual P2P connections. So even if a cyber-crime is intended, the encryption would not allow any insecure access and let it come out successful.

2. VPN ismore productive
Because of the security the VPNs are able to provide, the internet vulnerabilities do not come in between productivity especially when people want to work while travelling or go online in public places.

3. VPNs are Affordable
Coming to know the benefits of using a VPN, it is natural to assume that it is expensive. But it is a myth.The starting price of VPN connections isas low as around $10 per month, which isnot only affordable but even cheaper an optionfor any business with the kind of security benefits and productivity it brings.

4. It is Fast
Upgrading to VPN connections works like a boon for any business as working offsite for employees, becomes faster, easier and much more effective as it is a security solution for all. The only drawback is that, it works only if everyone has come on board.

Thus, while using or installing a new VPN connection it is necessary to inform the employees aboutthe protocol, educate everyone regarding the usage benefits and teaching them how to access the network. It should be included as a part of onboarding, listed in the SOP, and needs to be regularly reiterated to make it work properly till it is time for the next upgrade.

5. Easy to Use
VPNs have gained popularity in the business sector as these are also easy to use. One can start connecting to the existing public internet connections that best suits the business needs through a local internet service provider. It is easy to find out simply by searching online for free and get access to the open networks while working remotely.

To initiate a VPN connection,it needsthe company's VPN server with the help of a special software that would further setup the security protocols, and only then the users get access to the internal secured network.

Businesses that are looking forward to increasethe productivity andsecurity of the company, a VPN connection would certainly be one of the best options for them.
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