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What You Need To Know About Pain Management

Pain is defined as a suffering in a physical state that is caused by disease and illnesses. Pain is a subjective experience since every person's pain threshold is different from the other. This is the reason why pain management also varies from person to person. Pain is actually measurable and the means by which it can be measure lies in what experts call as pain scale. It’s rated as 1 to 10, rate 1 is the most tolerable and mild pain, while 10 is the most painful.
hand and wrist pain symptoms
Because pain is very subjective,  it needs a thorough assessment in order to determine not just the type of pain, the severity of pain, but also the causes of pain. This involves multi procedural assessments and tests performed by medical professionals and experts in order to rule out everything there is to know about the pain. The more information that they can acquire, the better the pain management will be for that person.

The multidisciplinary pain management: Pain management is a multidisciplinary approach. It may not apply to acute and mild pains, but for people that have chronic and severe pain, it has always been advised not to limit with medication treatments since medication does have serious repercussions especially when taken in higher doses for a long period of time. Pain management involves:

  • Natural drug remedies
  • Physical and chiropractic therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Other alternative medicines

It’s all in the mind: There had been many ways developed over the years and discoveries in order to manage pain. One is in the form of a theory called “gate control theory”. This is popularly applied in military training like Navy Seals. Their methodology about pain is that it’s all in the mind. You see, it works by means of focus. If you focus on other things, the pain will not be that painful. There are even some instances that in the line of fire, that soldiers never felt the pain of a gunshot because they are too busy fighting, and not until later after the firefight that they felt the pain and realized that they were actually shot.

Medication management: The most popular pain management regimen is thru medication. Of course, determining the pain is very important to determine the appropriate medication for it. If you got a headache a paracetamol or ibuprofen should do the trick. If you got muscle pain, you get a drug combination of ibuprofen and paracetamol. For joint pains, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory should do the trick. For cancer pain, morphine is a drug of choice that is derived from opium and so on.

Joint pains like hand and wrist pain symptoms are usually caused by arthritis, where over time and with the constant wear and tear that synovial fluids get lessened and the bones will no longer have this sort of lubricant that will prevent each bone from friction. Without this type of lube protection, the joints like in the wrists, fingers, and knees are rubbed together causing inflammation. These are just one of the things that a good pain management can remedy with a multidisciplinary approach. If you wish to know more about the hand, wrist pains, arthritis in general and various causes of pain visit Providence Orthopaedics for more details.
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