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What is the Transmission in a Vehicle?

You have heard people say that their transmission is “going out.” But what does that mean exactly? And how do they know that’s where the problem is? You can call a few shops that specialize in transmission repair in Sandy to find out more.
The transmission is the part of your vehicle that allows you to change gears. The transmission has a lot of different gears that are different sizes to give your car more power as you speed up. The point when the sound drops down after revving is your vehicle shifting. It is easy to tell when your transmission is shifting if you are driving a manual transmission vehicle. Your transmission shifts anytime you push the clutch in and move the gear stick into a different position (or gear). 

How to Tell If the Issues Are in the Transmission 

You can know if your transmission is “going out” any time the car jerks forward or backward every time you put the car in gear or it makes grinding noises during shifting. This is all connected to the transmission. Your car should shift very smoothly without you being able to feel it.

For manual transmission vehicles, all of the above is the same except you will also notice it becoming harder to get the gear stick into position. Sometimes the gear shift will be so loose that it will slip out of position easily. Either way, these are not good signs for your transmission. The last thing that may happen if your transmission is going out is that it may not go into certain gears. When you try to put the car in park it may get stuck and not move into the park position. Or it may not go into reverse. Whatever problems you are noticing, a transmission auto shop in Sandy can help. 

Finding the Right Shop  

There are many shops that work on cars. How do you find the right one for your car? If you know that your transmission is having problems, take it to a transmission specialty shop. If you don’t know what they problem is, then take it to a general mechanic shop. Just like with doctors, specialty shops can do a much better job at fixing a specific problem if the problem is known. Research a few shops that specialize in transmission repair in Sandy, and go to the one that seems right for you. A transmission repair will be expensive anywhere you go, so look for a shop that will be honest and upfront with you, as well as offers a warranty on their work. This will ensure that the work done will be worth it compared to paying less at another place. 
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