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The Best Rail Journeys in India

Indian Railways is an iconic mode of transportation in the country. It is been able to inspire filmmakers, intrigue authors, and entice dreamers. This is all because no other railway can take the position of the Indian Railways.

This network of travel is known for carrying about 18 million passengers daily with 17,000 trainson 64,000 kilometres of rail track with 1.4 million employees working to keep the system running. The trains in India accommodate people from different colour, socio-economic background, religion, and castes.

The Indian Railways has numerous stories to tell starting from its royal trains, ancient toy trains, new Duronto Express, and Mumbai’s passenger local trains. In this post, we are going to glorify some of the trains that present passengers the most exquisite view of the enthralled diversity.

Goa Express

This train travels all the way from Vasco da Gama (Goa) to a place called Londa in Karnataka. It takes passengers through the beautiful Goan beaches where you get to see tourists splashing water on each other with a friendly buzz everywhere. This train takes you directly through the centre of the Goan village life. Pink blossoms so close to the train that you can almost reach out to them. When the train reaches the Western Ghats, you will find yourself surrounded by thick jungle around the curves of the mountains. If you have the love for waterfalls, you may get a sneak peek from a distance. You get to encounter beautiful valleys and peaks on the way. The journey is going to last only for 3 hours and 30 minutes, but will give you an experience of a lifetime. Don’t forget to check through the train berth availability, near the window to experience every bit of the journey.

DibrugarhRajdhani Express

Technically speaking, the journey involves two trains. The journey starts from New Jalpaiguri in West Bengal and goes till Tinsukia and further to Ledo in Assam. The Rajdhani is known for being superfast, making the journey to Assam in almost no time. The train takes passengers through the vast stretches of land filled with tea plantations and emerald green paddy on both the sides. This expanse is flat as compared to the rolling greenery found in the southern part of India. Soon the train approaches the Brahmaputra River and moves across the slums of Guwahati. After reaching Tinsukia, you will be taking the morning passenger train through the most breath-taking landscapes.
NizamuddinDuronto Express

This train is counted among the few trains that are non-stop express trains joining two major cities in the country. NizamuddinDuronto Express begins its journey from Pune in Maharashtra and reaches New Delhi, the final destination. The route is utterly fabulous with a variety of topography. The service on the train is also worth the money. The train travels through villages, mountains, deserts, rivers, and several pyramid-like salt mounds. It is a journey worth encountering.

Other than these, there are several other trains that take routes through the natural beauty of the country too. You can try the Mandovi Express, Indian Maharaja Deccan Odyssey, or even the Island Express for its feels. 
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