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Staying Safe While Using Towable Tubes

Playtime is always best when you have the best toys. When it comes to the best rated towable tubes, there are several that can fit the bill with some of these being the best towable tubes for kids. You can never be too safe. It’s important to know how to stay safe while using your towable tubes.

Follow the Instructions

One of the first things that you need to keep in mind is the instructions. Those are there for a good reason, and there may even be a story behind the reason that’s fun or scary. If there’s a certain weight limit or number of people allowed on at a time on a particular tube, you’ll want to follow that limit.

It’s also important that you inflate and store your towable tube correctly. Improperly inflation can cause the tube to potentially pop. It can also make it harder to pull, and this can cause tears in the material. Improper storage can weaken the material, and lessen the life of your tube.

Need for Speed

Speed is one of the best things about any kind of tubing, but it’s always best to be safe with speed. For children and beginners, it’s always good to stay around 15 miles per hour and for adults around 18 miles per hour. Going a little slower can be a good idea if your passengers are a bit nervous.

Wear Life Vests

A life vest may seem like overkill since you’re on a floating tube being towed by a boat, but there are times when a life jacket can come in handy. A problem with the tube may occur. You may fall off the tube. There may even be a problem with the towline where you get separated from the boat. Play it safe by wearing safety gear.

Communication Plan

You’ll want to have a communication plan in place before sending out the adventurers in the tube. It can get deafening when towing a tube, so some basic hand signals can be a good way to go for communication. Go over them before anyone steps foot on the tube. You can have the okay sign, a thumbs up or down for faster or slower, and a palm up to signal stop.

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