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Essential Services for the Modern Homeowner

If you and your partner are new to the property owning business, there’s an awful lot to learn, and with such a complex set of systems that work together to provide you with heat, water and power, there are many things that could go wrong. Preparation is the name of the game with home maintenance, and for those who are novices, here is a short list of essential services that you might need, in no particular order.

ü  The Electrician – Perhaps the most important of all, an electrician should be called out when you experience an electrical abnormality, such as a sudden power outage or a smouldering fuse box. There will be times when you require him for non-emergency situations like adding some lighting or extra power sockets, and by sourcing one now, you can store the number in your phone, as you never know when you might need it. If you have yet to source an electrical contractor, an online search is the best place to start, and whether you are looking for electrical services in Wolverhampton or Birmingham, this will bring up a list of local contractors. Make sure they offer an emergency call out service and it is advisable to find out how much they charge for an emergency call out, as some are a little over the top.

ü  The Plumber – Unless you happen to be an experienced DIY enthusiast, you will need a plumber should you ever experienced a leaking tap, or worse, a burst water pipe. Some plumbing issues can wait, but sadly, others require immediate attention, as anyone who’s experienced a ruptured water pipe in the middle of the night can confirm. If you but a new washing machine or dishwasher, you’ll likely need his help, and of course, blocked drains are the plumber’s domain. Again, another possible emergency, so locate a contractor who doesn’t charge the Earth for a midnight call out.

ü  The Heating Engineer – Whether you have the traditional wet central heating set up or a modern HVAC system, it will require regular maintenance, and if your hot water should go off in the colder months, it can be very inconvenient. Very often, an electrician is qualified to deal with an electric water heater, and with regular servicing, your heating and a/c, if you have it, will always perform as it should.

ü  The Roofing Contractor – Of course, it is hoped you will never need him, but with storm damage, a roof can easily be compromised. The guttering and downpipes need to be cleaned often, and if you are unable – or unwilling - to do this, your local roofing contractor can pop wound every few months and aside from cleaning out the guttering, can also give the roof a visual inspection.

If you already have a relationship with all of the above, then you are covered for just about every eventuality, and if you have yet to source essential service providers, the Internet can certainly help.
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