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Checkout the Amazing Variety of Rotis (Indian Breads)

Roti is a staple in India, and there are a lot of varieties of it. Try some of these varieties at your home. The recipes are easily available online for easy cooking.

Missiki Roti

This one is a best thing to have in breakfast. If there is any leftover one can also have it for lunch. This is a spicy and healthy combination of gram flour and wheat. One can start the day with this and it will be a healthy start for sure.

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori roti is one common variation when one is bored of regular rotis and wants something new. Neither oil nor ghee is used to make these. If you want to make these at home,you can easily do it. You do not require having a clay tandoor at home; one can use pressure cooker or kadai or a gas tandoor to make it.

Aloo Gobi Ke Parathe

This is a traditional recipe that comes from North India and it is very popular among every corner of the country. This combination of ingredients is to die for. One needs some boiled and mashed potatoes along with some cauliflower and some essential spices. One can add some pepper, green chillies and cumin seeds in the filling as well.

These filling have to be stuffed well when the wheat flour is used to make these parathas. One needs very little oil to make them and they are delicious to taste. One can pair it up with cold curd or pickle or homemade butter to get it tastier.


This one always comes with chole. One has to pair it up with piping hot bhatura to get a delightful treat. This one is best as an evening snack but this is a heavy and stomach filing dish so one can easily opt it for dinner as well. But one has to serve it hot and fresh. Otherwise, when turn cold it might turn chewy and will not taste good.

Baida Roti

This is a staple in many parts of India. Bread is a food which is available in a lot of variety. But the one people get in India, are mainly flat breads and are pan roasted. One can have it in breakfast or as a light snack.


One can make this as a stove top and also can prepare this without yeast. One has to stuff all the kulchas with a paneer or a cottage cheese filling and they can easily make this at home. These stuffed kulchas are very stomach filling and one can pair them up with daalmakhani or any chicken dishes.

Ragi Roti

This is a type of Indian bread which can be made by roasting the kneaded dough on a pan in medium heat. The ingredient that is used mainly is ‘ragi’ or finger millet which is a very common dish in southern part of India. One can have them with any spicy dish.

Onion Paratha

The main ingredients to prepare this are whole gram wheat and onions. Some chillies and spices can also be stuffed into it.

Poori Masala

This is a wholesome breakfast dish which can be cooked with onions, potatoes, ginger and curry leaves.

Try any one of these at home.
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