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What To Do When You Are Caught Driving Under The Influence For The First Time

When you are drinking and driving, you are doing something that you already know is both risky and illegal. Often, even small amounts of alcohol ingestion can result in illegal blood levels of the substance. The legal limit in most states is .08% and this blood level varies based on gender and body weight. What happens with a first DUI and what can you do?

Know your Rights

When an officer pulls you over for drunk driving, they should be doing so based on probable cause. Did they see you swerving? Did you miss a stop sign or a red light? These are signs of intoxicated driving. However, officers will need to prove they had probable cause and, if they did not, the charges can often be dropped when you have a good lawyer.

While driving under the influence of alcohol is illegal in all states, the basic rights of a person being arrested still hold. When being arrested, the officer in question is required to read you the Miranda rights. There are exclusions in some states but, for most, you can get the charges dropped if your rights are not read or you were mistreated during the arrest.

Legal Consultation

When it is your first DUI, there is more leniency in terms of punishment - as long as you have the right legal representation by a DUI attorney. For example, rather than doing time in jail, the penalties can be reduced to fines. Other measures may be taken by the state.

Each state has different laws concerning DUI arrests. For the most part, high fines can replace jail time. Probation may be included along with alcohol treatment programs. Consultation with the appropriate lawyers is often free.

These days that kind of leniency is becoming a vanishing species. At a time when things are tough all over, they're getting a lot tougher for traffic law violators on our streets, roads and highways.

Safety-focused state legislators and law enforcement officials are putting their fists down -- on your wallet and driving privileges -- when it comes to what it potentially could cost you legally, financially, professionally and socially to break traffic laws. AOL Autos: Hottest sports cars of 2009.


You might think, OK, I'll pay the fine, do my time if necessary and that will be the end of it. Sorry, Jack, this is only the beginning of the financial mugging awaiting you.

High on the list and invoice are your legal fees. To get a decent hearing, in these days of tougher drunken driving courts, you are going to need legal help even if you didn't damage or kill property, living or inert. DUI defense attorneys aren't inexpensive.

For under $1,000 you might get a lawyer to shake his head and your hand sympathetically as the judge makes an example out of you.

Providing Alcohol to Minors

Furnishing alcohol to someone under 21 can lead to a $4,000 fine and up to a year in jail. Selling alcohol to a minor is a Class A misdemeanor, which can bring a $4,000 fine and land the seller a year in jail.

A parent, legal guardian or spouse can provide alcohol to their child or spouse as long as they are present when the minor possesses or consumes it.
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