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An overview about valve replacement surgery

With the aid of mitral valve replacement surgery in India, a damaged valve in your heart is being removed and an artificial valve is installed. The pain is removed, and symptoms in the form of chest pain and shortness of breath are bound to be a thing of the past.
An ideal candidate for this type of surgery?

You are going to be a candidate for valve replacement surgery in India if you do possess the below mentioned symptoms
  • There is symptom of narrowing or valve narrowing that leads to severe cardiac symptoms.
  • Though the symptoms of cardiac may not be that severe, but regurgitation or valve stenosis is slowly beginning to take a toll on the condition of your heart
  • The heart valve has been damaged in a severe manner due to infection. The chances are that you could be resistant to antibiotics as well.
Various types of valves
  • Tissue valves- normally taken out from animals and it are being treated in a manner to prevent calcification and rejection.
  • Mechanical values- are designed in such a manner so that the patient is being outclassed. The major benefit of it is that it is long lasting and only a single surgery may be needed. Though there are chances of Blood clots emerging from the mechanical valves.
  • Homograft- works out to be a human valve that is obtained from a donor. It is considered to be more beneficial for pregnant women and children. Since the availability of this valve depends upon the donors, their supply is limited
Preparations before the surgery
  • Normally your physician may ask you to be part of some routine tests to ascertain the fact that you are physically ok for a surgery
  • The patient is likely to be asked to fast 8 hours before the surgery and this is after midnight
  • If you are pregnant or think on the same lines, it is better to inform your doctor
  • Do inform your doctor on any type of medications or herbal supplements you are into. If you are allergic to some medicines it would be better to keep them informed as well.
  • If you are into smoking, you should quit it immediately as soon as you are informed about the procedure. This contributes to a better success ratio of your surgery and ensures overall wellbeing of your health
Recovery and risks

 Normally after a surgery a patient is in ICU for a couple of days. Following this the functions of the heart is going to be monitored on a recurring basis. The recovery phase is going to stretch to months as it depends upon the health condition and age of the patient.

In terms of risks, there are strong chances of developing some form of infection in the valve region. In this regard you would need to consume antibiotics before opting for the surgery. On all counts opt for the best mitral valve replacement treatment in India as you get the experience and skill sets of qualified surgeons.
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