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Am I Spending More on Heroin Than I Would on Treatment?

Those who need treatment for addiction have plenty of excuses when it comes to why they won’t seek the help they need. Many are afraid of what others will think, even though treatment is private and your identity will never be revealed to anyone you don’t want to know. Others turn down help for years simply because they believe they should be able to deal with the problem on their own, which has been scientifically proven to be less successful than seeking help. Finally, a large portion of struggling addicts refuse to choose professional care because they fear it will be too expensive.

The truth of the matter is you are spending more on heroin every single day than you would spend on seeking heroin detox and addiction treatment. Detox.com’s new study shows how recovery is always a less expensive option, especially when you seek the type of care that suits your needs and your budget.

You may be spending upwards of $200 a day just on obtaining the drug. This may seem like a lot, but it’s common among those who are dependent on heroin. Sadly, many even switch to this drug because using it is less expensive than using prescription opioids to get high. Addiction treatment, however, is much less expensive when compared to continued abuse. For example, being in a methadone maintenance program, which is one of the most popular professional recovery programs for narcotics addiction, should only cost about $12 to $25 a day.

In addition, heroin is costing you more than just the money you spend on it. If you experienced an overdose in the past year and went to the hospital as a result, you may have incurred as much as $5,000 in medical bills, especially if you had to be brought to the emergency department by ambulance. Narcotics addicts often overdose and need immediate medical treatment, an expense that can truly add up over time.

You may have to spend money on legal fees as well. If you were caught using or selling the drug, you will have to find someone to represent you in court and you could potentially be fined $50,000 or more if you are found guilty. You could also incur legal fees if your spouse decides to leave you as a result of your heroin abuse.

These many additional costs will not continue if you decide to seek treatment. Instead, a number of rehab facilities also offer their patients programs like vocational training and nutritional counseling. These types of programs can help ensure you experience fewer issues associated with your substance use disorder and that you will be likely to expose yourself less to future costs.

Treatment and recovery is always a safer choice than continued substance abuse, but you may not have realized that it is also a cheaper choice. Now that you know, you can begin to seek the help you need in order to recover safely and put an end to the heroin abuse that is costing you everything.

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