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5 Things You Need to Know About 10 Card Rummy Game

Anexciting and interesting game from the stable of social card games that don’t stop surprising you is the 10 card rummy. Retaining the quintessential features of the 13 card rummy games such as easy-to-learn and fast-paced action, 10 card rummy will surely keep you glued to it. Although the game draws certain similarities with 13 card rummy, it comes bundled with intriguing challenges enough to put your expert rummy skills to innumerable tests.

Here’s a rundown of the 5 things that explains how to play 10 card rummy game and 10 card rummy rules

1.       Number of players

Ideally played between 2 to 6 players, the game is played using 1 or 2 decks of standard 52 cards with printed jokers included.

2.       Objective of the game

You need to make one mandatory pure sequence and meld the remaining cards into sets and sequences as soon as possible.

3.       The gameplay

To begin the game, the toss is made in order to decide the player who would make the start. Each player is dealt with 10 cards in aclockwise direction. Then from the remaining cards, a card is chosen randomly as the wild card joker. The remaining cards are placed faced down forming the closed deck.  Then, the top card is placed face up to form the Open deck.

10 card rummy is again a game of picking and discarding the cards and arranging them into sets and sequences.

4.       Points calculation

When you meld the cards into valid sequences and sets before others, then you are the winner. The winner scores zero points. If a player makes a wrong declaration with an invalid hand, then he/ sheget penalized with 60 points. As far as the game is concerned, it continues until any player emerges as thewinner.

For the losing players, the points are calculated based on their card values. In 10 card rummy, face cards irrespective of their suits carry 10 points; the number cards carry according to the numerical value of that card. All jokers, including printed and wild cards, carry zero points.

If a player is unable to meld a pure sequence, then the points are calculated by adding points of the all the cards in hand. Also, in 10 card rummy, a player can lose by a maximum of 60 points.

5.       Drop feature of the game

First drop
In 10 card rummy, you can avail the drop feature for your turn when you counter difficult and tricky situation. If you decide for an initial drop after the very first turn without picking any cards, then it is better known as theFirst drop. Here you get penalized for 20 points.

Middle drop
In situations where you decide to drop after the first turn or after picking a card then it is considered as the middle drop. Here you lose by 40 points.

Consecutive Misses
In case you miss three consecutive turns, then you are automatically dropped out of the game with a penalty of 40 points.


In addition to the excitement of playing indianrummy and 21 card rummy, add the 10 card rummy games to your list of ‘must-play’ online games. Enjoy a fun-filled experience.
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