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Why not I have a hangover - we tell you

There are those who are lucky enough to drink as much as they want and, the next day, they are as fresh as a rose. These lucky ones do not know the meaning of the word "hangover", at least not in the first person. Why does this happen? Why some yes and others not? A group of scientists, including Richard Stephens, asked him as well. From this doubt arose the so-called Study Group on Alcohol Resaca (AHRG) . According to the results of this study, people who do not have a hangover are usually because they have good genes, because of their character and their way of drinking.

Are you one of the lucky ones and you do not stop asking yourself "why do not I have a hangover”? Whether you are one of those or a curious mere, in this article of tapedaily we answer your question. Attentive!

Why are there people who do not have a hangover?
Alcohol that does not give hangover, does it exist?
Drink water while drinking alcohol
Other topics of interest

Why are there people who do not have a hangover?

Richard Stephens, a researcher at the University of Keele (England), devoted himself to studying everything related to the hangover with another group of experts. In fact, one of his researches focused on why there are people who do not suffer from hangovers. He came to these three conclusions:

Genetic benefit: according to Stephens, it could be that the hangover was also a matter of genetics, and that some people had genes that are more resistant to alcohol toxins, one of the main reasons for the hangover.

Character of the people: after one of the studies carried out by the researcher, he came to the conclusion that the most nervous and neurotic people tend to have more hangover than those who have a calmer character.

Way of drinking: for Stephens, another of the possible reasons why there are people who do not have a hangover is because they drink more slowly. To demonstrate this, the researcher conducted a study. The result was that 80% who drank moderately did not suffer hangover afterwards.

Alcohol that does not give hangover, does it exist?

Richard Stephens and his group of researchers were also doing studies on the possibility that the type of alcohol ingested was really binding when it came to having a hangover. They deduced, however, two things:

Mixing alcohol worsens the hangover: this is because alcoholic beverages not only dehydrate, but due to the fermentation process have many toxic components for our body. Therefore, the more you mix, the more hangover you will have.

There are drinks that give more hangover than others: as we said, the fermentation of alcohol is one of the main responsible for the occurrence of the hangover, since the harmful substances that it releases contaminate our body and our mind, producing a series of sequels . In this way, there are beverages such as whiskey that generate more hangover than others, such as Vodka.

Alcohol that does not give hangover ... It exists!

Recently, a team of scientists from the United Kingdom led by David Nutt, a professor at the Imperial College and a former member of the Advisory Council on Drug Abuse in the country, has designed an alcohol that does not give a hangover.

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The product is called Alcosynth, and it is a drink capable of intoxicating but without giving a hangover later. For now they have only developed two varieties: one does not taste anything and the other has a minimum of flavor. They hope, of course, that by 2050 this drink will have replaced all types of alcohol in the world, helping to revolutionize public health.

Drink water while drinking alcohol

While it is true that drinking water while drinking alcohol and also the next day helps eliminate side effects, it is not the main reason for the hangover. According to Richard Stephens, dehydration is not the cause of the hangover and, therefore, drinking water would not be the definitive solution, although it does help a lot.

According to Stephens, the best way to avoid a hangover is to drink moderately. Hence, according to their studies, the older we get, the less we drink because we know in some way that it is bad for our body.

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