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Real-Life Grand Theft Auto: How to Reduce the Risk of Your Car Getting Stolen

Your vehicle is a major asset. Cars are often someone’s most or second-most expensive possession. If you have something good, you can be sure someone else will want to take it.

It’s likely that your car is worth more than just its monetary value. You probably need it in order to get to work. And if you can’t get to work, how are you going to make money? This is why it’s so crucial to keep your auto out of harm’s way. Here are some tips for reducing the risk of someone stealing your car.
Always Lock It
This seems so obvious. Yet, people still fail to do this most basic step. Locking your cars doors is the least you can do to keep thieves at bay. There’s no guarantee locking your doors will stop someone from driving off with your car. It does, however, make grand theft auto much less simple. Leaving your car doors unlocked is an invitation for criminals, especially if there are expensive items inside.

Don’t Leave It Running
There’s only one thing worse than leaving your car unlocked: leaving it on unsupervised. Yet, this is a common practice for many people. No one wants to sit in their frigid car while it warms up in the middle of winter. But a car thief will gladly do it for you, and then drive away. This isn’t so bad if you’re at home and live in a rural area. In just about any other circumstance, though, leaving your car running is tempting fate. There are about 700,000 vehicle thefts in the U.S. every year. Leaving your car running is the easiest way to contribute to that number.

Get a Garage Space
This isn’t a viable option for everyone. Renting a garage spot can be costly for people who live in the city. There might not even be nearby options for people in suburban areas. Regardless, a garage is probably the best way to keep your car safe at night. It adds a whole extra level to the theft that makes the effort not worth it for most criminals. In addition to keeping your vehicle locked down, garaging your car might lower your insurance rate. A garage protects you against theft and the elements—such as hail, falling branches, or a hit and run. Get car insurance comparison quotes to see if garaging your car will save you money.

Be Careful with the Keys
You need to keep track of your car keys. In the past, it was harder for criminals to steal a car just by obtaining the keys. Now, panic buttons can announce exactly which car is the right one. Keyless vehicles are supposed to be better for security. These systems won’t start unless the driver is carrying a special fob. Modern criminals have found ways to beat this. A new device now allows thieves to mimic the fob signal. This lets them open and start the car, and eventually drive away. This device needs to mimic the fob’s signal in order to work. If you have a keyless vehicle, it might be smart to store your key in a transmission-blocking box.

Be Mindful of Where You Park
If you must park on the street, do it wisely. Don’t leave your car unattended in a high-crime area. Professional thieves will have your vehicle in a chop shop before you realize anything’s wrong. Always park on a well-lit street, even if it’s daytime. If something holds you up, you don’t want your car to be left on an unlit street at night. This is the perfect environment for someone to commit grand theft auto.

Experiencing car theft is fun for nobody. Luckily, you can lower your risk by adhering to these steps. Don’t be the person who’s surprised the driveway’s empty in the morning. Protect yourself and your vehicle from criminals. 
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