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Partner With a Fibromyalgia Specialist and Find Relief Today

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome that affects approximately 1 out of 50 people. Women of childbearing age make up a large amount of the affected population, although it has been seen in a small number of men and children. It causes widespread pain, fatigue, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal problems, headaches and more. Treatment can be challenging due to the nature of the syndrome; it has widespread effects on multiple systems of the body. While the exact cause of the disorder is not fully understood, advances in treatments are being made. Some of the treatments include medication, lifestyle modification, dietary changes and other non-traditional treatments. Seeking out a Fibromyalgia specialist is highly recommended if you suffer or suspect that you may suffer from this condition. The most effective plan will include several disciplines to address the multifaceted nature of this syndrome. Once properly diagnosed, relief of symptoms and flare-ups is possible when guided by a specialist.

Many people that suffer from this syndrome are misdiagnosed due to one symptom presenting more than others. For example, a diagnosis of chronic fatigue may be given when fatigue is the primary complaint. The symptoms can vary widely for each individual. Proper diagnosis requires a full understanding of the syndrome, several metabolic and neurological tests, and in-depth consultation by a specialist in fibromyalgia treatment. Many patients have similar complaints yet each case is unique. Some of the common complaints are pain that is widespread and described as a “dull ache”, fatigue that is present even after a full night’s sleep, cognitive problems, depression, and sleep disorders. Other symptoms may include jaw or facial tenderness that are attributed to TMJ disorder (90% of patients), severe headaches or migraines (more than 50% of patients), food sensitivities (50% of patients), sensitivity to bright lights or strong odors (50% of patients), gastrointestinal abnormalities and abdominal cramping. With such a vast range of symptoms, it is easy to understand why a specialist is preferred when seeking an accurate assessment and relief of symptoms.

Treatment options for fibromyalgia are being discovered at an accelerated rate. Many attribute this to the general acceptance that it is not “all in the patient’s head”. Recent studies have suggested that many cases may have a neurological cause. The treatment plan for this syndrome involves medications that affect neuro-receptors in the brain, moderate exercise and treatment of the symptoms. Other non-traditional treatments include various noninvasive techniques such as chiropractic manipulation, diet modification, exercise, relaxation techniques and immunological approaches. There are also the more invasive arts, such as acupuncture, which have had success. Many of these non-traditional treatments have shown impressive results in symptom management. Specialists have reported that medication dosages can sometimes be lowered due to the success of well-rounded treatment plans.

Only qualified specialists should be consulted when choosing a fibromyalgia treatment plan. There are an astounding number of factors that must be examined closely in order to achieve proper management of this debilitating syndrome. A specialist is well trained in the plethora of treatment options. A variety of fibromyalgia pain relief treatments in Ottawa (or in the city where you live) are a necessity when getting the syndrome under control and bringing relief to the sufferer.
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