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India and the Rise of Omni Channel Retail

Omni channel retailing, or the practise of integrating the various platforms a brand is visible on, to provide a flawlessly unified service, is the new thing today. This is owed mainly to the preference of consumers for shopping on the go. Being a trend that is just beginning to gain traction, it does largely remain misunderstood, with the omni channel retail in india just beginning to realise its potential.

The Appeal of Omni Chain Retail

Very simply, the period of time where physical and online sales were considered separate entities has come to an end. The focus for retail chains has to now change from merely providing a pick up point to allowing physical stores to become experience centres for the consumer, with the feel of the same extending to the mobile and online platforms that the brand is present on.

Personalisation is the key to the future – the greatest appeal is in being part of an experience that focuses and caters to the individual consumer.

Trends in Omni Chain Retail
  1. Mobility-With an increase in the number of channels – from mobile to in-store to online – available for customers to get a complete shopping experience, customers are moving from the touch and feel mode of shopping to the mobility and convenience of shopping on the go at the mere touch of a button.
  2. Increased Personalisation-The ability to track consumer metrics allows for apps to provide customers with increased personalised suggestions and easy and secure payment options which lead to greater sale conversion. Moreover, technology also allows for more personalised and interactive messages that improve customer attraction and engagement.
  3. Fulfilment of Services-The ability to track complete inventory helps to make all products available to the consumer. This, coupled with options such as door-step delivery, helps in controlling the marketing and distribution of all products and adds control over the entire value chain.
  4. Physical stores-There is a major set of consumers who still prefer buying things offline. Physical stores help condition consumers to the feel of a certain brand and allow them to experience it. This generally drives online sales as well that have added incentives of discounts to them.
  5. Big data-The massive amounts of data available of consumer preferences and buying patterns at any particular time and place allow brands to create targeted marketing strategies to deal with any sort of external condition and maximise sales.
Ways to Incorporate Omni Channel Retailing

In order to effectively implement the strategies used by omni channel retail companies, the following steps can be used
  1. Capture:The complete inventory should be listed and categorised according to the various attributes that a customer may look for. Thus, it becomes easier for the customer to find the exact product they want, thereby allowing greater volume of sales.
  2. Analysis:The various retail metrics as well as consumer preferences must be measured and analysed to identify prevailing trends.
  3. Assessment:Customer rich data profiling derived from the above steps helps in creating more engaging marketing campaigns and customer engagement initiatives that attract and convert greater numbers of consumers.
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