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Common Gifting Mistakes to Avoid on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. Although the day is a celebration of love, it carries a certain amount of pressure, because you are expected to get the perfect Valentine gift for your partner. With the market flooded with a variety of gifts, we will list out a few things that you should avoid when buying for Valentine’s Day:

Cheap Jewelry

Getting your partner jewelry might be a good. But make sure that the jewelry is not cheap. Yes, while girls may love jewelry, they hate cheap jewelry with equal fervor. Getting your partner cheap jewelry also sends out the message that you don’t value your partner much. The exception in this case is if you find a special piece that is related to something they love, or holds a special place for them.

Dinner at a fast food joint

Dinner with your loved one is one most romantic thing one can do on Valentine’s Day but just don’t ruin it by taking your partner out to a crowded fast food joint; unless of course, you have some special memories at the place. If your budget is what is forcing you to take this calamitous step, better avoid going out and instead, cook food for your partner and a have nice and quiet dinner in the comfort of your home.

Gym Membership

This might seem like a good idea, but it is not. Giving your partner a gym membership may make them conscious about their body. It also says that you find your partner to be out shape. So, it is a big no-no to a gym membership, unless your partner is a health freak and you know they would love it.


Clothing can be good idea if you know your partner’s size; but things aren’t that simple. A mistake here can ruin a perfectly good relationship. This is true especially in the case of woman, where a size too large for her will make her think that you find her “fat”.

Things that aren’t personal

This is the day where you are supposed to give something meaningful to your partner. So, a gift card that may be the best option for a number of occasions will be a total disaster on V-Day. Instead, try getting something that conveys your feeling for them.

Something that Reinforces Stereotypes

Giving your a partner gift that reinforces stereotypes, especially on Valentine’s Day just shows that you put little or no effort in getting the gift. So, avoid giving cookware, vacuum cleaners, or any other item that reinforces outdated gender ideas.

The above mentioned things will help narrow down your ideas for Valentine’s Day, but if you are still confused, the best bet is to go with the traditional Valentine gifts of flowers and chocolates. The choice of flowers and chocolates is both pocket friendly and has a wide range to choose from. In the end, getting the perfect gift for your partner will all depend on how well you know them. The person might just be happy with a simple gift card - something that this post tells you to avoid - or may need something out of the box to make them feel special on Valentine’s Day.
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