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Why Winter Is a Great Time for Fly Fishing Travel

Are you thinking of how to best enjoy the winter season and aren’t sure of exactly what to engage in? Why don’t you try out fly fishing even though the thought of it could be freaking? Yes, this may be scary especially if winter happens to be accompanied by very strong winds and freezing ice. While fishing in winterhas its challenges such as the spinning reels being frozen, this may happen even with a thin drop of water in between the frame and the spoon. Choosing a spinning reel that is waterproof can be the best option in this case. However, this should not limit the kind of fun you choose to have.

Reasons why you should engage in fly fishing travel during winter

    During winter you will develop better drifts

With the challenges that arise when fishing in winter. Learning tactics to handle the challenges will make you a seasoned angler. When fly fishing in winter, you will need to have focus. This should help you get right the drift of your nymph. You will realize that in winter, the water is very clear with fewer flows and the fish have become spookier. 

Even so, your drifts need to be perfect for greater chances of a catch. If you are lucky, you may get midge hatch. During winter trout tend to be lethargic with less mobility even when looking for food. For you to have a chance of catching them, you will need to place the bait close to where they are. Getting the best drifts as you search around shelves of ice and piles of floating stuff guarantees you a possible hook.

    Fly fishing in winter will improve your skills in stalking

Due to the fact that the waters are very clear in winter, this makes it hard for any angler to strike unnoticed. Trout are usually very sensitive to any shadows appearing their way. They will tend to evade even the slightest appearance of any kind of darkness. On the other hand, this will make things difficult for you when angling. You will, therefore, need to practice and execute proper stalking techniques at the trout. A famous American writer known as Kirk Deeter tried to exploit this very topic of shadows. Here the fly fishing writer expressed the need for you to learn about ways of dealing with the sunlight and shadows. According to him, these aspects are not only of importance during the summer but in cloudless winter as well.

With winter, when the waters are less flowing and low the presence of shadows is quite a concern. Engaging in fly fishing during winter will increase your expertise when faced with such challenges. While fishing in winter, you are able to be more alert to the light and shadows. This gives you a better understanding of how they influence your trout catch and the end of the expedition.

    Improving your fitness and stamina

Fly fishing in winter isn’t a usually as easier as in summer time. You will have to compete in the cold and wet weather. You have to push strongly beneath the piles of ice in an attempt to locate the trout. This kind of activity works out your muscles at the same time builds you stability. Fly fishing in winter also encourages you to be more resilient as you wade in the cold all day long. In the long run through such experience, your fishing during summer is even made easier.


Make the dull cold summer a worth time for you to warm up and practice fly fishing. It has got a lot of benefits that would help you even past the season when it becomes warm. Engaging in fly fishing during winter adequately molds you into a better angler. Why don’t you face the cold with courage and bit the winter off by having a great fishingtravel? It’s all upon you, make it happen and find out the fun you have been missing

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