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Which Type of Oxycodone Detox Is Right for Me?

There are many types of oxycodone detox programs, and these programs vary on the amount of time they take, the approaches they use, and the intensity they provide. Choosing the best option for your needs is the most effective way to ensure that you can recover safely from oxycodone dependence.

Some people want to quit oxycodone on their own, but Detox.com states that this is extremely dangerous. Quitting cold turkey can lead to relapse, as well as other serious side effects, and overdose is also a possibility when one returns to oxycodone abuse in the middle of detox. As such, it is important to choose a detox program that provides professional, monitored treatment.

Inpatient centers offer a number of benefits to individuals who require help detoxing from oxycodone, including intensive treatment, a controlled environment, and 24-hour care. Detox.com recommends this option to individuals who need help putting an end to their oxycodone dependence and abuse. However, there are many types of inpatient detox centers, including ultra-rapid, rapid, and medical detox, and some individuals may still choose to seek help in an outpatient program. In addition, there are a number of doctors who will help patients taper off their oxycodone use safely. Afterwards, any patient who has become addicted to oxycodone should seek rehab treatment.

Detoxing from oxycodone is much safer and more effective if you know where to do so and what is the best choice for your recovery. Every patient requires the best option for their specific needs. 

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