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When do you need to get in touch with top gynaecologist in Noida?

There is the biggest myth in the minds of many people that one needs to get in touch with the gynaecologist only when they are pregnant. But other than pregnancy, women may need to consult a gynaecologist for a lot of womanly issues. A gynaecologist is a doctor who is specialized in reproductive health of a woman. Therefore, a woman needs to understand when she needs to get in touch with the gynaecologist and a woman should never delay meeting a gynaecologist. In this blog, a woman can get to know under what circumstances she needs to consult the gynaecologist immediately.

It is possible that a general physician may be able to understand the symptoms, but he or she may not able to reach to the core of the problem. Therefore, some of the symptoms are required to be cured only by a gynaecologist.If you reside in Noida and facing any such serious womanly issues, make sure to consult the best gynaecologist in Noida now.
Discussed below are some of the circumstances or symptoms under which a woman needs to consult the top gynaecologist immediately:
  1. Irregularities in the menstrual cycle:
If your periods come before time or don’t come on time almost every month, it is an alarming sign that you need to get in touch with the gynaecologist.Are your periods too heavy that you need to change the pads after every 2 or 3 hours? Do your period last more than 7 days? Do you need to take medication for inducing period? If you are facing any of these menstrual irregularities, you need to refer the top gynaecologist soon.
  1. Pain and discomfort in abdomen:
Pain in the abdomen can be a concern of either gastronomical or gynecologic pathology. A gynaecologist may give a clue by knowing severity and type of pain. An ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis can help you to get an idea of the exact problem you are going through. If a woman is suffering from the acute pain, there can be the possibility of ectopic gestation, pelvic inflammation, uterine torsion, or ruptured ovarian cyst. A pelvic examination done under the supervision of the gynaecologist can help anyone to come at a correct diagnosis.
  1. Menopause:
When a woman comes to the stage of menopause, some women may experience lighter periods whereas some of the women may experience heavier flow. The ideal age for menopause is early 50’s but many women may reach this stage earlier than 50 or late than 50 as well. If you are the one who is noticing a change in the menstrual cycle during menopause, get it checked by the best gynaecologist immediately.
  1. Bowel or urinary symptoms:
Finding difficulty in moving bowels can be a serious concern of pelvic floor problems and it usually happens when the tissues supporting pelvic organs get damaged due to the birth of a child. Therefore, there is a need to consult the gynaecologist in order to get treated soon.
  1. Pre-pregnancy counselling:
If you and your spouse are planning a baby, it is important to get all requisite tests done so as to make sure there should not be any difficulty during pregnancy and after pregnancy as well. A right gynaecologist can provide you with the right pre-pregnancy counselling.
  1. Family planning and contraception:
Though there are numerous techniques available nowadays, many women end up being pregnant unwantedly. As soon as your first baby is born, you need to meet the top gynaecologist to discuss family planning and contraception techniques so that you don’t have to deal with the unwanted pregnancy in the future.
  1. Vaginal discharge and itching:
Every second woman comes across the problem of itching in the vagina and vaginal discharge, so, obviously, this problem should not be ignored. Vaginal discharge can be an alarming sign of sexually transmitted disease or reproductive tract. If there is no foul smell or itching in the vagina, then this discharge can be quite normal. But if there is itching as well as bad smell in the vagina, you need to visit the gynaecologist instantaneously.

If you are one of the women who is facing any of the issues discussed above in the blog, don’t delay and visit the top gynaecologist in Noida for quick treatment now. Nidan mother and child care is the best healthcare center that has the best gynaecologist in Noida who has all possible solutions to all types of womanly issues.
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